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Loveless Sells Things; Wants Things


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Hello again Wyrdos!


I've got a few things that are Malifaux-related that I find myself not necessarily wanting anymore.  While the transparent crews are lovely, I find myself preferring the standard versions just so I can throw my own colors on them (and I sort of feel like I'd rather have my Woes in blue or purple...but I'll not ramble :P).

So, here's what I have - pictures will be coming later on this week, but I'm curious as to what sort of pricing you all think would be acceptable (these are US-located).

Items I have:


Pandora Crew - No Shelter Here - Green Transparent.  These are assembled and based. 


Tara Crew - Herald of Obliteration (Nightmare Edition) - Smoke Transparent.  Also assembled and based.


Limited Alternate Perdita - unassembled, still in plastic wrap (I don't care for Perdita's playstyle - someone else should benefit!)


Things I want:


Money is typically nice :P  These will probably end up on eBay once I settle on some pricing starting points.


Plastic Neverborn of the Nephilim Variety (so, Lilith and the Nephilim Box), plastic Ramos-related things, and plastic Outcasts are also interesting.


GW's relaunch of Wood Elves seems to have unfortunately cut my slow-boil of Wood Elf collecting with several character models apparently vanishing.  The floating male spellweaver, the female noble with sword and spear, and the metal Eternal Guard command with the female champion would all function as solid currency (provided they're unpainted). 



Anyway, thanks for looking and thanks for suggestions! I'll have pictures up within a couple of days - the base work is pretty...uh...basic (that sounds weird), but it suited my purposes for gaming at the time.

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