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The Haunting

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So there I was... down at my coffee table, in front of the TV, putting my models back in my transport case after a session of painting, tidying up before going to Spain for a week of vacation... when some unseen force pushes my arms a little too low with the foam tray I am carrying... just barely low enough to touch a larger model... possibly a Poltergeist... and pushing him off the table to plummet. There was a snap... an instant of searing heart pain... a flash of utter panic... I bent down to pick up the Poltergeist and inspect him. 


He was missing a hand.


The model apparently dropped at just the EXACT angle to fall directly on his wrist, snapping it off. What are the odds??? There are dark forces afoot, I tell you! He landed on berber carpet, for crissake!! I was devastated, and I looked EVERY WHERE for the severed hand, but to no avail. Bad things truly happen.


So that brings me to my question: Where can I find a 2E plastic Poltergeist outside of the Pandora boxed set?? I don't mind painting him again (though I do dread it a bit... he takes me a while...), but I just don't know where to find one separate. Does anyone have any ideas? Or, even better, does anyone have one that they're willing to part with???

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That's going to be tough to match.  Since I can't help directly, I'll toss out some ideas:


If the nylons-over-the-vacuum-cleaner-tube idea (see the "we need to talk about intuition" thread for a picture) doesn't turn up the hand, you could try looking through the Reaper lines for a mini with "close" hands that you can order bits for.  Most of their bits are reasonably priced, although shipping can bite back. ;)


Another possibility would be to embrace it as a specter of death, and graft on the scythe-like "hand" from a tyranid (probably a hormagaunt, for sizing).  Shouldn't be too tough to find a 'nid player with extra bits in your neck of the woods. 

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