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The Dreamer vs Lady Justice


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Strategy: Turf War
Schemes: LITS, Distract, Bodyguard, Deliver a Message, Murder Protégé.
The Dreamer: (pool 4) - Deliver Message and Murder Protégé on The Judge.  Both announced.
+Dreams of Pain
2x Daydreams 
Baby Kade
Stitched Together
Lady Justice: (pool 5) – Distract unannounced and Murder Protégé on Killjoy, announced. 
+Justice Unleashed
Brutal Effigy
3x Guild Rifleman
The Judge
+Lead Lined Coat
3x Witchling Stalker
As twilight creeps across Malifaux, in pursuit of the retreating sun; Lady Justice begins patrolling for necromantic rituals or the undead she so eagerly desires to return to their natural state.  Sensing...something...causes a silent gesture for three Riflemen to post on top a nearby building and await orders.  A second quick gesture and her Witchlings fan out as she and her Brutal Effigy stay close to her Judge, on guard and ready for anything, for they have learned that when she gets like this, trouble is not far behind.
A deafening silence grows as though the city itself has fallen into a vacuum; their own pulse, pounding violently inside their ears.  Flicker of light brightens the darkening sky, filled with a Witchling’s agonizing scream as it is engulfed in explosive flames.  “Lazarus” a Rifleman calls down from the rooftop before taking aim at the large contraption, certain damage was done.  “Lazarus?” whispers questioningly across Lady J’s lips while Effigy tightens the grip on his pistol.  An icy chill rockets through The Judge’s veins as a Rifleman suddenly stands up and walks right off the roof, to his death.
An unsettled eerie calm envelops the sickening silence, broken by purple waves of light, high in the sky similar to the rumored ‘northern lights’, accompanied by an unnatural thunder.  “DREAMER!” Lady J screams out, received by frightened gasps.  Nearby, the earth cracks, causing The Judge to shake off a chill; knowing he has been chosen this night.  Rocking his head back to take in the full form of the Neverborn Outcast, Killjoy, which seems to have just been birthed by the earth itself.  Without delay, the blob of blood and flesh hacks away at The Judge with its meat clever; only his years of training and experience keep him alive, barely alive.
Without a word, Lady J charges the behemoth, her sword dancing a way only she can, sending him back into the hole from whence he came.  The two remaining Rifflemen walk off the roof to their death.  Amidst the Witchling’s cries, a squishing snap can be heard as Coppelius harvests an eye and a stitched gambles its own life to kill a Witchling.  The Judge attempts to muster the courage to battle Coppelius, however the nightmare was far too terrifying, and Judge was literally frightened to death. 
Lazarus blows Effigy out of existence with a single shot, and injures Lady J, who receives a message before slicing Coppelius and an Alp till they are no more, a ghostly image of the boy seen in the distance.  Nearby Lazarus, Baby Kade draws the Scales of Justice near but is unable to sneak an attack.  Lilitu appears, seemingly from nowhere and strikes at Lady J, before falling dead at her feet.  Baby Kade lashes his carving knife at the Scales, leaving none from the squad save for Lady J.
The young boy’s ghostly image flickers and vanishes into a smoke and purple swirl of cloud, parted by the bellowing roar of Lord Chompy Bits.  Lady J reaches deep, grabbing her stones for the fight, however cannot defend against such pure nightmare.  Chompy reaches out, grasping each of Lady J’s appendages and pulls…hard.
Final VP: 10 – 3
My opponent anticipated my Killjoy missile and placed Lady J as a bodyguard for The Judge, knowing I’d be coming right for him and providing the opportunity to gain VP on the retaliation.  The rest of the game, after killing Judge off, I positioned for deliver message via a push from a Daydream.  I ended up in perfect position for Turf War and collected VP for that without much effort.  My opponent didn’t try to distract at all and got so focused on revenge killing that his strategy and schemes flew out the window.  My first 10VP game, without even trying for it!  Was a fun game, luring the riflemen off the building to their death was both evil and fun.
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Thanks, I tried to keep it short, but descriptive.


Yes, tall multi-level buildings...he thought they would be safe up there, since Dreamer has few ranged options, but he forgot about lure and subsequent falling damage.  I suspect it is a lesson he won't soon forget.


I will take pictures next time.

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You dont feel handicapped for having so few nightmare models with the Dreamer?


I also think I have had this discussion with you before, but I still have a hard time seeing why you would take Killjoy when you can take Nekima instead?

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You dont feel handicapped for having so few nightmare models with the Dreamer?


I also think I have had this discussion with you before, but I still have a hard time seeing why you would take Killjoy when you can take Nekima instead?

I did not feel handicapped at all with the Dreams of Pain upgrade.  I was able to summon what I needed to keep the heat off my purchased models.  The only reason I took Killjoy was his unbury mechanic, and I had taken the kill protege scheme.  I can give a daydream fast, push it 6" then accomplice it, move another 12" and sacrifice it to unbury Killjoy within charge range of his target.


I do not have Nekima yet...she is on my list to buy as I am currently building a Lilith crew.  I'm not certain how she will play into that scheme...so far, for kill protege, I've not found a better method to pull it off than announce it and launch killjoy at them.

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