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Desolation Engine


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I cleaned today Rusty Alyce and Freikorps Libby, glued them to the bases and I put them beside Desolation Engine model... And then I was struck with one question - shouldn't it have some sort of Terryfing ability?


Both girls are so tiny compared to this beast and I think if I encountered him I would probably s... myself instantly :D


I know it has Industrial Nightmare ability which is sweet but I'm just curious what do you think guys?

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While I agree with Ausplosions and the devs mechanically balancing the game, I have always felt Outcasts are missing something distinctive that other factions have in spades.

Terrifying 13 (All) on Seamus and none on models like the Deso always seemed peculiar.

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Terrifying (All) definitely represents the supernatural ability to inspire fear in things that don't have emotions. Terrifying (Living) is often just grr-scary stuff, though.

There would be solid fluff reasons for making the Desolation Engine Terrifying (Living), but there's no particular game-balance need for it. Going down that fluffy route would give Terrifying to half the models in the game - there's no call for that.

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Totally agree that Desolation Engine doesn't need a Terryfing ability gaming-wise.

As I said that was my impression when I put three models beside each other and I realized how huge and chunky Engine is comparing to other models.


IMO Terrifying (All) would be too much, Terrifying (Living) 11/12 - that would make a sense.


In Malifaux realm whoever decided to travel and finally live there, I think have some sort of 'immunity' for things which normally would make us feel fear on Earth side i.e. seeing Steampunk Abomination a person who live in Malifaux will definitely feel some sort of fear (and disgust) but not so much to terrify him but rather to put a bunch of bullets in Abomination's chest, when seeing huge Desolation Engine charging at you would definitely terrify that person.


As I sad - that's just my thoughts :D


BTW - after painting Desolation Engine I must say this model is awesome and IMO looks better than Desolation Engine from Leveticus concept art (although it might change when I see final version of the new Engine :D )

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