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MooseMCA's Mali-moose Painting Thread!


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I'm about halfway done with my new teddy and I must say I love the model! Where the original fig looked like a great creepy stuffed toy, the new one is scarier IMO because it looks like a real bear that was skinned and stretched over a construct.

I made a turn key out of plasticard and I'm claiming first on the idea! :-)

Hope you all like!


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Thank you for the kind words!

The moment this beautiful (I use that word loosely since it's a giant bloody stitched together bear lol) fig in my hands, I knew I had to immediately paint and convert it. It jumped to the front of the line, before all my Marcus stuff that I'm actually using in a league I'm running lol.

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Great idea! It really brings out the Construct characteristics in him. Also it makes him a lot more creepier and terrifying. I can just see the Dreamer winding him up and bouncing about when that monstrosity starts "playing". Awesome idea!

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