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Plastic Lady J box, Plastic Mei Feng box, and more


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Hey all,


I'm sad to say that I'm selling the majority of my tabletop collection. Sadly, there's no one closer than a ~500mi round trip to visit Sassylady or CrouchingMoose to get Malifaux games in with, and as a poor hopeful-soon-to-be student I can't justify keeping all these miniatures that I'll never finish painting or get to play with. 


All minis are in varying states of assembly, and many are fully or partially painted. I'll upload pictures in the next day or two (or I can text / tweet specific pics upon request sooner).




The Guild:

  • Lady Justice plastic Box Set 
  • Generic Guild Model from the plastic Wendigo from the Rasputina plastic Box Set (partially converted into an Austringer, but there's no bird so it could be whatever you want)
  • Guild stat card deck


  • Rasputina 1st Edition Metal box set (Gamin and Ice Golem painted)
  •  Rasputina plastic Box Set 
  •  Snowstorm (fully painted and based) 
  •  Silent One (Might be based and painted, can't remember if I disassembled it or not) 
  • Essence of Power (fully painted and based
  • Viktor Ramos 1st Edition Metal
  • Arcanist stat card deck

Outcasts: *NO 2e STAT CARDS*

  • The Viktorias 1st Edition metal Box Set
  • Ronin metal blister (3 ronin; two of which have green stuffed shirts)
  • Librarian, metal
  • Avatar of Slaughter, metal

Ten Thunders:

  •  Mei Feng 
  • The rest of the Mei Feng box set
  • Ten Thunders stat card deck



  •  Red Malifaux Battlefoam bag; includes all the plucked foam from the large bottom tray 
  • Ice Wall, 2x Big Base (For Rasputinas' spell)
  • Guild Fate Deck (includes high quality deck sleeves and a deck box)
  • 1.5e Stat Cards for Rasputina, Ramos, Viks, Mei Feng crews and models; laminated. Will include if requested
  • A very basic "Breach Portal" terrain piece. I think it looks like crap, but I never really liked any of the terrain I made; you may think differently.





  • Baldur Stonecleaver
  • Shifting Stones, x3
  • Stone Keeper
  • Wold Guardian
  • Woldwarden (fully painted and based, not by me)

Warhammer 40,000:

NOTE: If anyone is interested in 40K stuff, I'll figure out what exactly I have and put it up here. What I do know I have, is...


What I'll do with the pictures is make a blog post of everything I have up for grabs and link it here to cut down on clutter here... Or like I mentioned before, tweet me (@bladebaka) or PM me for my phone number and I'll tweet / text whatever models you're interested in. 


Unless I am told to do otherwise, DM me on twitter (@bladebaka) or PM me on the forums here for price requests or to make an offer.



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