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I use Greed to carry The Creeping Terror upgrade, which can only be put on Tormented models, of which the only ones that can carry upgrades are Jack Daw, Montresor (who's already filled up) and any of the Crossroads Seven models; if you have any of the C7, it will work; that upgrade has worked miracles for me.

Otherwise, without it, you could add Baby Kade & Crooligans to get the best of both lists.  Candy is a strong replacement, just remember your limit on only 4 Lost models.  The Prospector might be good to mitigate the low SS count.

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Rules lawyer question - Someone reminded me of the voracious rat ability for hamelin. Stolen sac themselves for two rats, but if they die near him would there be a third rat from voracious rats? Seems like kill and sacrifice are different if I recall. 

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