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Help painting the Riders

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Hey all.


I wanted to ask some help from you amazing painters out there, I am about to embark on a nerve shattering journey of painting up my first Rider, The Pale Rider, I would like to hold on to the whole 4 Horsemen theme at least a little bit, so I suppose that the Pale Rider would be death? So I would need to know how to paint a Pale Horse. 


I mean I really need help as in what paints to use, if someone can throw them out from the top of his/her head? I have access to Vallejo, GW and Army Painter in a store here and will be able to order online if needed. So what paints and washes would I use to paint a pale horse? 


Also I have ordered these ancient bases for the Riders, even though they break the whole in faction base theme, I rather still keep the Riders on the ancient ruins riding forth. What paints would you use to paint something like this but maybe a tad bit more darker and apocalyptic: 



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hope this reply Isnt too late.


I would imagine that your talking about painting a horse with a gray coat. Now although a horse with a gray coat is usually white hairs and darker coloured hairs, I find that using a slightly khaki grey gives a more natural look.


I would recommend not using washes on the horse Itself and simply relying on drybrushes and glazes. with that in mind I would use a mid - dark grey as your bascoat colour, GW skaven blight ding would be ideal, then building up a few layers of drybrushing with a light khaki grey, P3 have an ideal colour called "trollblood highlight"


When applying the drybrush, i would advise only lightly drybrushing the undersides of the horse, infact avoiding these areas would be best. After the drybrush your grey colour should still be darker that the "troll blood highlight" or whatever grey you use, so you will be able to really thin down your paint and apply a few thing glazes of this colour as an extreme highlight, only glazing the top most parts of the horse, so avoiding the sides of the legs and the sides of the face expect for the very tips of the muscles or raised areas. but giving the top flat areas like the back and face a good few coats.


Hope this helps.

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