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Hey everyone!  


I have been playing Warmachine for a little over 2 years now, have a regular play night and make it out to cons and tourneys.  I saw the Malifaux models, and was really attracted to the small model count, the cool models, what looks like a lot of terrain, and what looks like a pretty low cost of entry.


I live around Clinton, NJ 08801... I work out in Perth Amboy, NJ.  I usually go to The Only Game in Town for gaming but there really isnt a Malifaux community there.  Does anyone know of any local NJ or PA groups?  Are there regular tourneys or conventions?


Right now I'm leaning towards the guild.  I like the look of all of the models in the box set with lady justice, and like the combined arms approach.  I also like the way the hired guns looks, but I don't think I want a melee force.  I would also want to pick up a second starter box so other people could learn along with me.  Are there any good matchups for the guild set? (leaning towards more of the horror sets... like the red chapel or no shelter here.  My gf likes the horror side of things, along with female main characters).


Any tips for getting started?  reviews/ tip sites that I should check out?

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Small world. I grew up in Hunterdon County. My mother lives in Clinton, and I live over in Middlesex County, not too far from Perth Amboy. I hear there is a Malifaux group starting up in North Jersey, I believe they're at Gamer's Gambit in Saddlebrook. And there is a pretty active group at Outside the Box down in Vorhees. Here is a list of some of their summer events:


According to Stoupe (Henchman at OTB)

here's the cemented summer schedule for Malifaux at OTB:
5/1 - Painting Contest Start!
5/24 - Pizzafaux!
6/1 - Slow Faux 2.0 Start!
6/7 - Painting Contest End and Judging!
6/28 - 35 SS Gaining Grounds Tournament
7/31 - Slow Faux 2.0 End.
8/2 - 50ss Gaining Grounds Tournament.

Remember there's also Wyrd Wednesdays every 1st, 3rd, and sometimes 5th Wednesdays of the month!

Painting Contest rules:
-Must be a Wyrd model (any range)
-Highly encouraged to be purchased from the store.
-Single model. Multiple submissions allowed.
-Submitted model may not have won a previous contest.

Slow Faux 2.0 rules will be released in 2 weeks. I'm making some minor changes to the rules from last time.

Both tournaments have Gaining Grounds 2.0 rules. Painting is not required, but if attendance allows there will be a best painted award.
Proxies are allowed if a model reasonably portrays what it's supposed to represent (no limit on number). If proxying please get them pre approved.



Beyond that I'm looking to get in some 'faux over at TOGIT since that is where I hang out most of the time. 

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