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Moving Models


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Had the first turn of my first Vassal game last night, it was also my opponents first Vassal game. I have a question about how people are moving models.


My opponent used the right/left buttons to direct his model, and then the forward button to go forward. At some point he walked over a train and had to "nudge" backwards a bit. I tried this later, but I ended up 6.5" away from a model that I wanted to be 6" away from - I had the available movement, but I picked the wrong angle to walk on. Again, with the nudging until it worked.


I pulled out the ruler and hoped that it would stay on the screen long enough for me to click and drag. No such luck, the ruler disappears when you start moving your model (or you start to measure again...haven't figured out the ruler yet...)


I read somewhere that you can clone a model then pick the clone up and move it. That still doesn't help the above, but at least you have a starting point to undo to.



How are you moving things? None of these methods feel super awesome.



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I guess my problem is, if you did that in Real Life your opponent could accuse you of cheating/score you low on sports/silently fume. It's kind of inaccurate...I could nudge myself into a position I wouldn't have been able to get to. :( Particularly if there is any terrain nearby (which there was) - walking around terrain restricts where you can possibly get to, and if I count out 2x4" of movement and then nudge sideways, it could be that the angle has changed to take me over severe terrain just a bit.



But I'm thinking given the few options, that this is the best one.

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it doesn't account for terrain, but a method I've liked to sometimes use for "easy" moves is to put up an aura representing the max walk distance and then click and drag the model to somewhere completely within the aura. The system doesn't refresh the old position until the move is done so it's easy to stay in the appropriate distance.

If I do have a tricky move sequence to deal with (corners, difficult terrain, engagements), I normally go with arrow keys. But the aura trick really speeds up all the "easy" ones.

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