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Malal's Gremlin showcase


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Cheers Z, I've held of replying til I could get round to putting some more pics up, apreciate the comments. I've been trying to get as many Gremlins finished as possible for Deliverance and MCC, got the majority of what I'll think I'll use so if I get any more done now, it's a bonus...

so without further ado, one more Lightning Bug that also doubles as Old Cranky



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Zoraida's skirt: Ushabti Bone, Heavy Seraphim Sepia Wash, little bit of Agrax Earthshade in the deeper crevasses, re-apply Ushabti bone midtone and Screaming Skull highlight (all GW paints)


Camera ran out of charge before I could finish so back with more Swampfiends...











Bayou Gators





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No, decided not to bother. I don't mind using human performers for now and when the Brew Crew is finally released (some time in 2018 iirc) my Geisha Wesley (and my spare, unpainted Rackham Geisha Gremlin) will become my performers

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