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Hamelin: ranged focus?

The Zinc Lich

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So, I've been picking at Hamelin stuff, and I was wondering if anyone has actually tried running him with a ranged focus crew? His 6 inch aura of no-charging keeps ranged forces safe, he can pull targets out of cover or out of engagements with his pipes, and he has a ton of summoned stuff to get in the way of stuff trying to get out of a killzone. Perhaps something like:



-The Plague

-The Pipes

Convict Gunslingers x2



For 26 stones, you can have a lot of lead in the air. You could also add Vanessa with the Howling Wolf Tattoo to see if you can recoup some of the cards from the Gunslinger's rapid fire, but I don't really think she'll pull 10ss of weight without more sisters on the table. From there, you fill out your ranks with whatever kinds of scheme appropriate stuff you need.

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Have you considered Sue and/or Iggy?  Convicts, Hans, Sue, and Iggy all make good targets for Obeying for extra shots + some burning.  Or vise-versa, Obey to Focus's and then let the models do the shooting.


Oh, definitely. It is more a question of "how much is too much?" when it comes to a list like this. You don't want to skimp on models to run objectives and fight in melee, even if your ranged core can't be charged. Not to mention that Hamelin has his own theme models to think about; you will want to bring the Obedient Wretch and season with ratcatchers and vermin to taste.


That being said, I think that Hans and the Gunslingers are the premier shooting models in the faction. Sue is pretty good, too, but you take him for everything else he can do, not just to be a gun boat (combining Finish the Job with Infectious Melodies is good for a lol). Iggy, I'm not sold on, but if you are taking Sewer King for Crooligans or Candy, why not?

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"How much is too much" is a very good question - in a recent game, I found having a single ranged threat (Hans) with the potential for Obeys as necessary was basically enough to seriously inconvenience the opponent.


I think Hans is particularly well suited, since he prefers to Focus and Fire, and can therefore usefully be Obeyed twice. Gunslingers, on the other hand, derive most of their power from Rapid Fire, and taking an extra single shot (admittedly with trigger potential) isn't particularly fantastic... but using Obey to move them into position to Rapid Fire would be very, very nice.


I don't think I'd get full synergistic value out of two Gunslingers and Hans, and the points investment is a bit steep (you say 26 stones, which is already a lot, but Hamelin is also going to have to spend a lot of AP on Obey to really boost this list up - you've not got much in the way of control and scheme models at that point). Hans and a Gunslinger seems like the sweet spot, but I'd have to play it a few more times to get a proper feel.

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