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creature caster kickstarter is live. here be dragons and demons.


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So, since these models are so very much not in competition with Wyrd models, I hope it is OK to post this here. MOD's if this is not the correct place, please dont hesitate to move this to where it should be. I have no affiliation with the creature caster company, i'm just really excited as a painter for these, and wanted to share with other wyrd painters.


if you like big , like really big demons and or dragons, check out this kickstarter. he is running it a bit differently than most. instead of dangling a carrot of more and more models to entice higher and higher pledges(and later and later shipping dates), his plan is for week one unlocks to be kickstarter exclusive bits (like a second head or weapon option)  added to the original model increasing the value of what you already pledged for. week 2 will be most likely another 3 or 4 models added with some additional unlocked bits. then in the final week(3) offer new package deals that give more options to include the added models.


these models are just begging for someone like Mako to go do town on these and really make them shine.



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