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Tara alternate models

ben th3 bear

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Well nothing beasts could be represented by protheus from PPs legion of everblight i guess and then Shredders as nothingbeasts.

http://privateerpress.com/files/products/73062_Proteus_WEB.jpg and http://privateerpress.com/files/products/73004_Shredder_WEB.jpg granted proteus isnt a terribly attractive sculpt and is made from a basic warbeastkit in plastig and then the tentacles are an addon kit in metal so you need to wigh down the base to prevent it from tipping.


Othewise there should be a plethora of dofferent chuthulu figures out there for a nothingbeast if the legion models dont catch your fancy. Are you looking for an as-close-as-possible to the original or want to branch out a bit more options present themselves.


If you want to go for a Tentacle heavy theme then the PP Svamp horror along with the freebooters fate zombie octopie might fit the bill.

http://www.freebooterminiatures.de/sites/default/files/pub/shop/ZUB014_fs_3194_0.jpg and http://privateerpress.com/files/products/75039_SwampHorror_WEB.jpg


You might want to check out the dark age brood range

http://dark-age.com/images/faction_gallery/brood/dag4012.jpg or http://dark-age.com/images/faction_gallery/brood/dag4013.jpg for nothing beasts

http://dark-age.com/images/faction_gallery/brood/dag4015.jpg for a nothingebeast.

Ive actually got that particullar trio in mind for a nephilim terror tot -> young -> mature evolution chain. its surprisingly difficult to find 3 stages of evolution and sizes for a miniature theme

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