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Possible Collodi Proxy and fishing for ideas


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Hi all,

I've only ever played Collodi once, and that was under 1.5, but I enjoyed it quite a bit.  Not such a huge fan of the models though, aside from the Stitched Together.  As I have no idea what the master/crew will look like once its finally released I'm thinking about picking up this fella and using him as Collodi:





I'm looking for other ideas for the other models in the crew (Marionettes, Wicked Dolls, Vasilisa) for poxy/conversion ideas. Thoughts?

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Well dang...yeah, I guess in hindsight his ankles look like they probably wouldn't stand up to some serious gaming as well...OldManMyke, any idea on just how tall he is? I haven't seen any side by side comparisons of him with other models or anything.

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no pics but i compared him to a few other models that might give you a frame of reference.

Mr graves comes up to his waist

aSeamus hat comes up to his chest

without the head hes as tall as the rail golem without hte smoke exhausts.

his body is as tall as one of the wyrd streetlights.

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