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Aethervox Special - wyrd official malifaux tournament 7/8 June


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With 4 ppl this could not be called a tournament, let alone a great, official Wyrd event. I think calling it off was the good decision.


On the other hand maybe we can muse a little bit about how to get more faces next time. My guess: the time schedule described here simply doesn't work for many of us. I mean you can ask a day off from family to go to an event but if you remain at home AND ask for privacy during most of the weekend, that is a different story.

I would try a 3 nights event next time. So you have to play a game each night from Friday to Sunday. In this case the tournament is still a weekend event and probably it is much more easier to schedule games during night hours when the family is on sleeping mode. Of course this would need players with roughly same time zones.

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Really? I was sort of thinking the opposite and treating it like a real life tourny, as in a day focused and dedicated to it. Well, at least I see it easier for me since it's easier to reserve a day for an event then to dedicate 2-3 days, but yeah, I don't have kids in my house, so probably the reason I don't have a problem with it.

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