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Aethervox Special - wyrd official malifaux tournament 7/8 June


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Welcome to a tournament with a difference - one that will be played through Vassal as part of the Wyrd Weekend - for those of is who can't get to a FLGS or another henchman hosted event.

This event will be 3 rounds, and will be played from the comfort of your own home

Wyrd have stepped up and are offering store credit as prize support.

The logistics of such an event, potentially spanning time zones, are something of a challenge. As such, there are some minimum requirements I will need from all participants.

1) you must have the 1.7 version of he malifaux vassal module installed prior to the event
2) you must have Skype, and be willing to share your Skype name and contact details with the other participants


Hello all, and thank you for registering your interest. Here is how this is going to work.

This is going to be a 3 round event, and will be ranked!

Round timings:

Registration: before Friday via email
Game 1: to take place between 00:00 Saturday 7th June and 12:00 Saturday 7th June.
Game 2: to take place between 13:00 Saturday 7th June and 00:00 Sunday 8th June.
Game 3: to take place between 01:00 Sunday 8th June and 12:00 Sunday 8th June.

This gives plenty of time for players to play a game conviniently and allows for possible connection issues with technology too. Any game may last any length of time, no pressures, as long as I get the results AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after the deadlines for the rounds stated above.

If I do not recieve an email with a score, I will drop both players from the event and pair the rest up and get on with it. You have been warned.

All maps for vassal and strategies and scheme pools will be fixed by me and will be the same for all players for each round of the event.

All games are 50ss and all models from wave1 and wave2 are legal. Avatars and anything else still in beta is not legal.

The event is NOT fixed faction or list - play whatever you want each round, as long as any given crew is legal.

At the end of a game, it is the responsibility of one of the players (decide between you) to email me the results and scores from your game.

I will require:

Who won, who lost and each player's VP total. I don't need a breakdown.

I will, within the 1 hour gap between rounds, send out emails to the players with the details of their opponent and the strategies and schemes for the next round. The initial pairings will be random, and those for rounds two and three will depend on who wins/loses.

A win = 3tp
A draw = 1tp
A loss = 0tp

The event winner will be decided by TP, with VPdiff and then VP scored being the tie-breakers if required.

Rules queries.

With all the time, full access to these forum and rules books, we should be able to sort out anything between ourselves. However, if you need a judgement call then you reach me on twitter


Or send me an email with your Skype handle and a written description of the issue - depending on my current location or technology at any given moment I will drop into the Skype call and listen to the query or send a written response ASAP.


Anyone wanting to play sends me an email to joel.henry@talk21.com

The email must contain their full name (for rankings purposes)
Their Skype name
Their twitter name if appropriate.

This registers you for the event.


I will send out the first round details to all involved, including strategy and scheme pools by 9pm GMT. This will give you time to communicate with your opponent and sort out a game time.


Play your games, send me results - I will them send out details of round 2 within the hour and round three in a similar fashion.

If I cannot be contacted because of terrible internet issues, I will think of something!! You may well, under these circumstances, receive an update email from a second source with the subject "aethervox special". This is a precautionary measure, just in case.

After the results for round three come in, I will publish the results of the entire event in this thread and arrange for the store credit prizes from weird to be allocated to the top 3 players. The results will then be submitted to malifaux rankings.

Any questions, let me know!

Please register before Friday guys!!!

Registered players:

1. Connor Barker
2. Peter Csontos
3. Lee Battrick

4. Razhem


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Hi, I want to participate, but I already have to mention that my first game really has to start between 00:00 and 05:00, since at 09:00 I have to be babysitting my nephew and can't avoid it. The other 2 rounds I should be more fléxible, though I'd still be hoping for lateish for round 2 and earlyish for round 3.


I'm +1 GMT and hoping to know if mostly my first round shenanigans are acceptable or not.

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Will be fine I think, but will be up to you and your first round opponent to sort out - but I can try and arrange as convenient a pairing as possible. I'll need an email from you to formally register though :)

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Joel, seeing that the interest is not overwhelming so far, maybe you should ping directly the people who said they are interested earlier. There is a chance that they don't wander here and totaly forget about this event during the last weeks. Hm?

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