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Unconventional Hamelin picks?


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Hamelin with Sewer King upgrade and Nix with Hollow gives Hamelin's some more crew options.

Here's my kerfluffle:

I have had so much success with Hamelin's classic crew that I see no reason to go outside faction.

With Lost models Hamelin gets:

Baby Kade



and...Malifaux Child


Hollow gives access to:

Canine Remains

Guild Hounds


How are people using these models? And to what effect?

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You also get the pyromaniac, iggy as a lost model.

I've considered Kade and Candy at least to really go the creepy kid direction, not sure how good they are though.

Whenever I try to build a hamelin crew I find I'm lacking a beatstick, Kade hits hard but cannot take much punishment it seems, so Idk

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The Desolation Engine does not really got any synergy with the rest of the crew. It might be worth it with a Leve-themed crew, ad two aboms and Alyce with either "From the Aether" or Desolate Soul. Ashes and Dust is a solid independent model too.

I really like Candy with Iggy, together they form a half-decent Pandora, and they can support each other with incite, Iggy can use Martyr, and Candy can heal them.

Kade can work since it is really easy to get another model into melee with his victims for additional damage.

Crooligans are amazing for objectives!

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Got to agree with EZYRYDER Crooligans use them once and your never not take them!!

I love killjoy get rats up the table when one dies pop him out and watch the panic set in with your opponent want to try canine remains likening the look of them. as a bit of fun on a smaller game running Nix and only dogs don't know how it would go but just dogs running round anybody tried it?

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So I use a lot of Baby Kade.  Generally, he moves in front of where Hamelin will head and defensive stances.  Then Hamelin will Pipe in something using the combination of Blight Charge or Walk Distance to get the target to end within 1" of Kade.  Pounce Attack, and Hamelin always has another model to make sure the target is engaged with.  Do it again and when the Target is BtB with Hamelin you'll get another free Pounce attack.


I've set this up multiple times and in the end, its a rather solid way of dealing with 6-9 SS models... the kinda models that I find Hamelin's crew generally struggles against.


I also started with 3 Crooligan but quickly downgraded to 1 standard and another if the Strat/Scheme calls for it.  In the end, it was a lot of points in models that struggle to do much aside from Interacts and get in the way.


I've done the Malifaux Child thing and honestly was loving it.  I think in certain match-ups, in which the opposing Crew isn't gunning for you it can be really helpful...  but in the end Stolen do really make the Hamelin "Engine" go so I've moved away from it.


Finally, I have stayed away from Hounds because I can't see making Nix any more expensive when I don't care for the other parts of the Upgrade, YMMV.

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