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Proxy vrs. Conversion ?


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     How much has to be done for a model to be considers a conversion instead of a proxy?  I was thinking of using obedient wretch as lady ligeia and scales of justice as guilty.  they look the parts but, are proxies.  if I change the pose or trick out the base is that enuff for them to be considered conversions.  I ask cause I would like to use them in a gaining grounds so I have to be ready for the letter of the law.  Lucky in the Gaining ground Doc they cover that the nightmare hanged can be proxyed for montresor.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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if the model doesn't exist I think it is a very grey, blurred line. I would make sure it was very obvious that the model has had some noticeable change to make it easy to discern that is not the original sculpt and that it was its new representation. At the end of the day it says at the end it is down to the TO's discretion so if you make your case a TO supportive of the hobby should accept it.

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If your area has TOs turning people away then you might need an official sculpt as backup if yours doesnt fly. If tournaments arent filling up then TOs are generally more leniant. As a rule wouldnt use a sculpt from the same game as a totally different model unless i convert it in some way. And if your converted model is very far from the original then it might be a good idea to write the name of what its supposed tobe on the base to avoid confusion. Having the correct type of weapon etc helps and keeping it as the same "type" of model, a wizardy type shouldnt be represented with a Khorne demon etc.


Just tricking out a base isnt enough for it te be deemed a conversion imo. A conversion in my mind should differ enough from the original sculpt so that its clear to an observer that it represents something else. This can be achived via a repose, adding or subtracting bits and characteristics such as hats, arms and/or weapon swaps and if youre brave sculpting something in green stuff. In some cases a vastly different paintjo can change the whole model.


If we look at the PP steamroller document any conversion has to have 75% of the original model to be accepted. If we reverse engineer the analogy then you need to change more then 25% of the model for it to be a different model altogether. I know Gaining grounds and steamroller are different animals altogether so take from this line of reasoning what you will.

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