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Those Pesky Extra Turns... (a mini battle report)


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I had a game turn sideways on me last night due to two extra turns. The score slowly slipped from Turn Five 7-4 win, to Turn Six 5-5 Tie, to Turn Seven fighting-to-not-lose 5-5 Tie. Crazy fun game. Below is a mini battle report starting at Turn 5.



Story Encounter (linked game 3)

Attacker Strategy: Supply Wagon - Lady Justice (me)

Defender Strategy: Slaughter - Seamus


Models remaining at this point:

Lady Justice, Taelor, Peacekeeper

Seamus, Copycat Killer, Dead Doxy


We pick up near the end of regulation play, mid turn 5:

Seamus, Lady J, and CCK have activated. Seamus and CCK are in range of the Supply Wagon to move it.

Peacekeeper: Moves to cover, and shoots at Taelor with the harpoon gun, triggering Drag to push her closer to the action.

Dead Doxy: Charges Taelor, keeps her occupied. 

Taelor: Swings on the Copy Cat Killer, triggering the push. I have to cheat my damage down so I don't actually kill it, and push CCK.

Turn 5 End: Seamus controls the Supply Wagon and pushes it 5 inches. With the final position of the CCK, he can't push it straight back towards my end, and has to angle it. Checking the position, the wagon is fully on his side fully by 1/4 inch.. 

Score: 5 VP - 4 VP ( Had the game ended here, that would have given me 2 VP for Strategy, however...)

Flip for extra turns... 13. BOO!


Turn 6: Doxy: Taelor dies, the Peacekeeper runs and hides behind a building (out of Flintlock LOS) and Doxy walks back towards Seamus, and CCK. Justice charges CCK, killing it and allowing Bette Noir to be placed. Bette and Seamus swing at Justice to start the damage, and one of them interacts with her for Cursed Object. 

End of Turn 6: Seamus controls the wagon, and pushes it onto my side of table. Seamus ends Cursed Object for 1 VP.

Score: 5 - 5

Flip for extra turns... 12. DOUBLE BOO!


Turn 7: Lady Justice wins initiative and kills the Dead Doxy then Bette Noir. Bette dies, giving Seamus fast. Seamus wants to finish off Lady Justice, and back alley to the Peacekeeper and finish it off for VP for Slaughter, but cannot quite finish her off. So he settles for some damage and giving her Cursed Object again. 

Peacekeeper moves out from cover and shoots into melee. Flipping low on LJ, she is the (intended) target. I choose not to just relent and make actual flips for hitting. I cheat the attack flips so that the damage spread is a straight flip, and flip moderate damage - just enough to kill Justice.... and the would be game winning VP from Cursed Object!

Flip for extra turns... 4. Whew.

Final Score: 5 - 5


Crazy fun ending to a crazy fun game! 


I tend to have bad luck with the extra turns. Whenever they pop up, I am usually winning by a small margin, and that extra turn is just enough for victory to slip through my fingers. Despite feeling like I am always on the short end of the stick, this adds to so much to the game and is one of the reasons why I love this game. 


Anyone else have a love-hate relationship with the extra turns?

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Sounds like a crazy fun game. I also have bad luck with extra turns, but mostly because my usual opponent usually plays Kirai, so I'm usually getting increasingly outnumbered by the end of the game -- any extra turns are pure gold for summoner crews, if the summoner isn't yet dead. That said, the chance of an extra turn coming up is high enough that I realize I should probably have some kind of 'just in case it happens' contingency plan in mind, rather than just really hoping the cards will work for me.... :)

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