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Resurrectionist Summoning Cards


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Thee are amazing, thank you! Printing mine off now!

Out of interest, where did that new Molly art come from?


  The new Wyrd Chronicles (vol.11). There has been some conjecture over it. I don't think I like it as much as the 1.5 Molly as I don't feel it looks very Masterish, more like a minion model. Although I am reserving judgement until I see a render.

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Onryo also missed from Nico's card but as previously stated the TN will be the same as other 5ss models so it's all good. To be honest though there's not enough room for the entire faction on Nico's cards so it doesn't really matter. I've found Nico's one so useful over the last few days! 


Onryo aren't Undead, so Nico Can't summon them.

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