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Shooty Lucius


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Dump the watchers for two guild guard, better synergy with more flexibility on the gun line. Alternatively one less soul stone and three hounds similar synergy with movement to scheme run on the flank.

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I like shooty Lucius. I played a great game just last night using

Lucius (+Secret Assets & Legalese)

Captain Dashel

Guard Sergeant

Guild Lawyer

3x Guild Guard

2x Guild Austringer

It worked like a charm. The bonus actions provided by commanding presence are great, and the bonuses to WP duels provided by the Lawyer and Sergeant are essential to making the most of an otherwise shakey ability. I got really lucky and failed very few of those duels, and the result was a rather devastating shooting spree. I even managed to force Lilith to take a number of horror tests through the use of Menace, and all it took was for her to fail the one that she did to really save my bacon. After she was incapacitated the game really turned around and I was able to bring it in for the big win (the guard sergeant cheating the red joker for damage at range really helped there.)

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How did you find the lawyer? I've had no luck with mind and was thinking of bringing a 2nd sergeant instead so both benefit from frightening authority (though guess would lose the double + for the horror checks)

I use a similar force and I love the Lawyer for versatility.  He makes a decent objective runner with good defensive stats, the 0 ability for defensive stance and the ability to drop a scheme marker when he dies is a good combo.  Add into that the fees ability, which causes real (if irrational) fear in many people in my meta, but especially against incorporal opponents, and you have a model who most of the time earns his points back.

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The lawyer worked great for me, even though I did make a large tactical error in purposefully moving him into lilith's melee range (I didn't realize 3" melee was even a thing)

Still though, his zero action is amazing and fairly simple to cast twice per turn off the trigger. And the scheme marker that he dropped ended up being the thing that kept me from losing the game.

The Guard Sergeant used an order on the next to last turn to move it within two inches of him and then was able to plink a terror tot off a scheme marker for the win. I like the idea of a second guard sergeant, but I don't know (with the list I used) how I would find the points for him.

I don't think that Lucius is very soul stone reliant because through the whole game I only used soul stones on him to ensure that I would get the suit for the sniper... So maybe I could fit in one more small something and use just three or four soul stones... But I wouldn't give up any of the models that I used just to have a second GS particularly since his WP bonus doesn't stack with itself, but it does with a lawyer.

I didn't find that I had many problems with the shorter range and the cover, albeit I was going against an enemy with little or no shooting. I could admittedly be out gunned by the Ortegas or a Hans and Trappers outcast list... But that's two of the however many armies are out there.

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I've been really impressed with the Lawyer actually.  Hes got a solid set of abilities.


Objection is a great attack.  With Lucius around, its pretty easy to get into position with Commanding Presence, Issue Command or What Lackey's Are For to get the lawyer within 1 inch of an important enemy and focus + objection.  With focus, the positive twist for damage makes it considerably easier to cheat in severe for that delicious Paralyze.  Fees give a great ranged attack, no ranged icon so it doesn't randomize, and you've got Poison +2 triggers on both abilities for further withering.  On top of those two excellent abilities, he gives out a positive twist on horror duels for all models in 6 inches, a possible negative twist on attacks made against him combined with solid defense (also makes him incredibly scary up close where he can paralyze things as well).  Hes also got finish the job, and a (0) action to hand out H2W... because why not?  The more I use the lawyer, the more impressed I am with the things he can accomplish.   He is an awesome model this edition, and works great with Lucius' crew


I really think all Lucius crews should take a look at the Warden, as he has a ton of synergy with the crew.   He is a minion so all of Lucius' abilities work on him, but he's also a guardsman so all of Dashel's abilities work on him, then you consider his seen it all ability which helps him pass Commanding Presence checks.  He's got a paralyze trigger on his ranged attack, and he can provide some counter assault for your more shooty elements- with his 2 inch melee range, good melee triggers (Critical Strike + Pursuit for great damage, or Send Flying to push enemies out of engagement range with other models) and Grinding Halt to give him Armour +3 when he needs it.  Solid close quarters support which can spread paralysis at ranged is a godsend to a Lucius crew.  I've been thinking about picking up a second one.


I also find it interesting that nobody really ever talks about the Pathfinder.  Hes got from the Shadows, so he can get into position pretty quickly.  Clockwork Traps make great targets for Devil's Deal, and can generally be used to hinder the enemy from reaching more juicy units.  Hes also got a blast on his musket, with a pretty solid damage spread, and he can hand out slow to boot.   Also Scavage Supplies is a nice ability, since I know when I play Lucius I am very card hungry, and a bit better hand control is greatly appreciated.

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