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Henchmen Hardcore Tournament - May 14th - Bloomington, IL


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Malifaux Henchmen Hardcore Tournament - May 14th 5:30-9pm


Store Forum Link
Store Location
Gryfalia's Aerie
309 N Main
Bloomington, IL 61701

Contact & Questions
PM JSKrush or email james.kroesch@gmail.com


Join us for our first Malifaux Tournament at the Aerie!  This will be a Henchmen-led small sized event focused on some quick fun play in a single night.  Who will rise to the top?  Can you keep your henchman safe?  Can you send your opponent to a deep dark grave?  Or did you get cheated?  Come out and see what fate holds for you...

Gaining Grounds 2014 Format with the following changes listed below.
Date/Time: Wednesday, May 14th 5:30pm Registration Opens  (Games will start at 6pm)
Crew Selection:
Fixed crews.  20 soulstones, Henchmen Leaders only.  4 models (no more/no less) + upgrades.
Painting Requirement:
3 color minimum required, plus based.
All rounds will be Turf War
Scheme Pools:
All rounds will have the scheme pool of Assassinate, Frame for Murder, & Deliver the Message.
You will only select one scheme per round.  You must select each scheme once before you repeat any schemes.
Round Time:
20 minutes per game
Round deployments:
   Round1 - Flank
   Round2 - Standard
   Round3 - Corner
   Round4 - Standard
Tournament Points / Differential / Victor Points
Entry fee:
$5 per person
Prizes determined by number of participants.  Will likely be 1st, 2nd, and Best painted crew.
Contact for Questions & to pre-register:
Post or PM JSKrush on here or the Gryfalia Store Forums.  You can also email james.kroesch@gmail.com
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Thanks to everyone who attended and to those that couldn't make it you were missed!  For anyone interested, the format was a big success with the slight adjustment of going to 25 minutes per match.



1st - Matt

2nd - Jeff K

3rd - Jordan

Best Painted - James K


Winning Crew:

Snow Storm -- 5 Pool
 +Armor of December [1]
 +Imbued Energies [1]
December Acolyte [7]
Ice Gamin [4]
Ice Gamin [4]
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