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New to Malifaux (from Cardiff)


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Hi all,


I haven't played any games yet, but been looking at the models and decided I want to give it a go as they look awesome! I'll be picking up the rules soon so I can start reading through. Once I've decided which crew to start with I'll get some models, but that's a tough decision!


I'm sure there are people at my local store who play, but I don't get down there that often and when I do it's to play Warhammer so haven't had a chance to watch any games or anything yet. Hoping to at some point soon though :)


Any advice for someone brand new to it all is always appreciated






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Hello, and welcome to the game!


Not many pointers to be had in such an early stage, but I'll try nonetheless:


Be aware that the game is in an edition transfer process right now. There are models out there that have rules but the models aren't released yet. There are also models that have no finished rules yet (Avatars).

Also, many models will get a resculpt as Wyrd is moving into plastic. In time, all models will be plastic. Some crews have had this resculpt already or were released in plastic from the start. If you are not sure what to buy due to rules or models, you can always ask.


Getting into the game is not difficult, especially if you have the basic hobby materials from your Warhammer experience. Any two crew boxes can be pitted against each other to learn the ropes. As of now, every Master (that's a crew leader) should be able to take on any other.


I hope I helped a bit, and feel free to ask more questions.

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Thanks for the welcome, and the advice.


I'm not a fan of working with metal minis, which was what had kind of kept me away in the past, so I've been looking through the newer plastic kits. I'm guessing these would be the more up to date ones then?

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Anything in plastic that is no Avatar should be up to date with finalized rules. You may not find the right rule cards inside, but if so they should be available either as an arsenal deck (for Wave 1) or pdf download (for Wave 2).


And the Wyrd plastics are fantastic (although they sometimes need patience and tweezers).

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Is Firestorm Games your local? They do indeed like Malifaux (not that I've been there myself mind you). They've got a Malifaux tourney(s) on the 21st and 22nd of June, which I recommend you have a look at. Don't worry about being a beginner for it, Malifaux tourneys are a very different affair to some of the bigger games, as everyone is helpful and friendly, and they have a real community spirit.


I'd be going myself if it wasn't for family commitments - which is a real shame as they are running Bushido as well that weekend - which is also well worth a look by the way!

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I'll 2nd VonEvilstein. Get yourself entered into the Deliverance tournament. You'll get a bunch of games against different players/masters which is the best kind of experience. Don't be put off by the fact it's a tournament, the UK Malifaux scene is one of, if not THE friendliest groups there is and even the guys that end up playing top table aren't WAAC gamers, they'll take time to make sure you know what's going on.


I'd advise listenening to the podcasts, of which there are many. Malifools would be my top pick (personal preference)....s'pose I should also mention Chasing Bacon, ostensibly a Gremlin themed podcast but the new co-host Dom is the organiser for Deliverance.


Now you've got the rulebook you can get on Vassal and start playing if you can't get to your FLGS, again opens you up to more players/masters and gives you a chance  to try before you buy.

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Yep, Firestorm is my local. Thanks for the info about the tournament. Not sure if I'm around that weekend but will take a look and try and go if I can.

Thanks for the advice on the podcasts as well, I'll have a look for them. What is Vassal though?

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