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NORDICON - The War in the North Part 2 - July 18-20th Belfast, Northern Ireland


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Hi folks,


Yet again we are running Nordicon, a multi-system convention in Belfast, Northern Ireland, run by the collective team of Lisburn Gaming Club and Queen's Dragonslayers. The event is bigger this year and includes a vendor hall and Artists Alley. Some of the events on offer are Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, Warma/Hordes, Infinity, Flames of War and Malifaux as well as demonstration games.


For Malifaux we will be running a 4-round singles event on 1 day and a 3-round story encounter the next day with open gaming on the friday evening before. The singles event will be ranked in UK Rankings.




Urban Laser Craft will be adding custom tokens to the goodie bags and providing some prize support

Element Games will be offering prize support


Thank you so much to our sponsors for their support.




The anchovy match will take place on Saturday evening before we head for dinner and the pub. Contestants will be required to each as many anchovy paste toast triangles in 1 minute. The winner(loser) will be handsomely rewarded with some Extra Strong Mints (other mints are available).




Dates: 18th - 20th July 2014, tournaments on 19th and 20th July

Location: Queen's University Union, University Road, Belfast

Cost: TBA

Format: Gaining Grounds will be used as much as possible to determine strategies and deployments.

Painting: At least undercoated although prizes may be available for best-painted

Prizes: I will operate a raffle-style format for prizes and players can earn raffle tickets through winning events and entering painted crews.


Singles champion will earn the Nordicon Malifaux Shield for 1 year and have their name engraved on it and a trophy to keep forever.


I will keep this post updated as and when things are set in stone.


Look forward to hearing from you soon.



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