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Northern VA, Coming back again... I think


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Hi there


I'm a student living in Reston. I've been in and out of Malifaux here and there. It's been a frustrating experience, trying to break into a war game and being held back by time and money issues. Now I got the new rulebook and Wyrd's coming out with new plastic starter boxes, so now's a good time to try to get back in. I'll probably head out to Huzzah again in the coming days to see what's going on.

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This is Brian, to echo what Zephir said.  We usually plan on Tuesday nights out at Huzzah Hobbies in Ashburn, VA. We have a regular group of 3-4 players that occassionally will grow to around 10 players when everyone comes out.


We are going to be running a 45SS single master tournament on May 10th.  The idea is to support the group that is just getting into Malifaux by limiting it to one master.  Keep checking the boards for more info.

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