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Spring Fever Achievement League in Wixom, MI


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When: April 23rd and every wednesday till May 28th

What: Story Driven Campaign Achievement League, Pick a faction for the duration of the event and help decide the Fate of the great Spring Fever Epidemic.

Where Flat land Games

Phone (248) 773-7854

 Dah Rules:


You will select your faction for the duration of the League. Your faction will be fighting to either stop the spread of the Spring Fever as its being called or actively helping to spread it. One faction is actively playing both sides of the fight.


Trying to Stop                Trying to Spread                     Playing Both Sides

Gremlins                         Ressers                                  Outcasts

Guild                               Arcanists

Neverborn                       10 Thunders


How Playing both sides works


At the start of your game prior to set the Outcast player will Flip a card from there fate deck, on a Tome, crow or Black Joker they are attempting to Spread the disease. On a Ram, Mask, or Red Joker they are attempting to Stop the disease.


Achievement sheets will be distributed at the event. Additional weekly scenarios and Achievements will be unlocked.  Each game played will be tallied and will advance the story line of the Campaign League.


This event is for all skill levels from Pro to first timer. Its meant to be a bit of wacky fun and getting a bunch of games in with some interesting scenarios and rules.


Including Campaign only Upgrades, Special Scenarios, and Much Much More.


5 Dollar entry going toward Prize support.

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Oh some Flavor Text for you all.



"Spring has finally broken after a harsh winter near the breaks leading to the badlands. And instead of shedding snow the poor residents of the Contract Towns and settlements are coming down with a harsh fever. Its killing off the sons and daughters of the towns, but also spreading to the local wildlife including the neverborn. It has even started to spread into the bayou. The death toll rises as does the risk of the infection spreading to the city proper. The disease is threatening the guild tenious control and the populous and a quarantine would cause mass rioting. The source of the disease is unknown but it appears commonly after sightings of undead or after the sound of the grinding of gears. Tensions are rising on the boarders as rumors of the fever coming down toward the quarantine zone and into the city proper are causing old rivals to band together and new allies to try and advance an unseen hands nepherious plan. Will you stand against the Fever or will you succumb and try and embrace others in its misery."


Spring Fever a malifaux Campaign Achievement League

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Special achievement: for week 1.

For team fever - end the game with 3 enemy models being infected

For team team cleaner- end the game with fewer infected models on the table than at the start.

Week 1 mission 1- one small step for Fever one giant leap for infection kind.

Deployment corners

Strategy - turf war

Scheme pool-lis, protect territory, breakthrough, power ritual, entourage.

Scheme pool caivate-only team infected may select breakthrough, only team cleaner may select protect territory.

Special scenario rules team infected - all significant models of team infected count as having the infected trait. They all get the (1) spread -ca5/tn13 rst wp RNG 2 target gains the infected condition, this condition may only be removed by the research action.

Team cleaner all significant models of team cleaner gain the research attack action. Ca5/tn 14/ rst wp RNG 2. (1) action this action removes the infected condition and this model earns 1 research.

Special terrain rules- all sever terrain gains the hazardous trait

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Unix bravely held off the advances of the fever and the mother of monsters. Von Schill and his consciencemerry band of enforcers put the hurt on Hoffman opening the way for mama z to spread the fever among the Ortega clan. The bRave pig king ulix provided value research to stop

 It's spread but the forces of the neverborn made the fever grow.

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Line in the sand, bodyguard, protect territory, Take prisoner, Frame for Murder




Deployment Standard


Special Rules-Infected Condition, A model with the Infected condition gains  :+fate to  attack & DMG flips on :melee attack actions and  :-fate  :-fate to Defense Flips, If a model with the infected condition declares an action other than an attack action, it must discard a card. 

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I know I'm going to hate myself for asking... but... walk and charge? The rules lawyer in me wants to ask for it to be "If a model with the infected condition declares a tactical action", or something of that ilk. That would allow walks, and interacts as generals, but no defensive or focus? Though it definitely gives you a reason to try and spread the plague a bit.


Food for thought


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Congratulations on a successful league gang. Especially to mark who won the league by 3 achievement points. Great fun remember to join us every Wednesday evening for more malifaux fun. Should be doing a slow grow "rapid growth" league in July as well as a tournament

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