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Help to choose: Seamus or McMourning


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Hi all! (sorry for my bad english..)


I´m starting in MX and I´m decided to play with Ressers, but not sure about the master: I like Seamus and Mc Mourning for different reasons, but I also have some doubts on both of them. So, I´d like to have your advice about which one would be more Competitive and more kindred to my way of play; considering this facts:


1 . Competition

In my gaming Club I´ll mainly have to face: 1. Lady Justice 2. Victorias  3. Ten Thunders (Misaki) 4. Nicodem 


2 . My gaming style

I like Ressers for affinity (creepy… jeje) and the game history. Talking about style, I´d like to combine summoning and melee. This is where doubts come to my mind, for example:


Seamus Pros: He´s a decent melee guy and have a simple kind of summonings. Fun to play for what I´ve seen. 

Seamus Cons: Like his history, but not that much.. Don´t like to much the "attack and run" style…


Mc Mourning Pros: LOVE his history and miniatures! =) 

Mc Mourning Cons: Poison Based Strategy… This is the main reason why I still having doubts on him. Feel like the poison technic is quite complex and boring to play; don´t like the idea of being poisoning around, waiting for the enemies to die and escaping meanwhile.. What if my opponent can make a full "Poison Immune" crew? …


Well, this is the question. As a note, we are ok to play with proxys, so there´s no problem about how many and which miniatures I´d need to get  for each one. I just want to decide based on this two points; all opinions are welcome! Thanks in advance guys =)

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They should both be competitive. Although against those Masters you should expect to lose some models quickly. The first three are really killy. Hit and Run style could serve you well. I expect, though, that Nicodem might give you the most grief.


So, for playstyle, I think McMourning matches your description better. I think, Seamus' box is better rounded but if proxying is okay for you, that shouldn't be a problem. Don't worry about the Poison mechanism. Against McMourning, enemies die slowly while you do nothing and fast while you act. It's not that complicated and makes for fun synergies. And when in doubt, McMourning can still go to town with his scalpel.

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