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minor help with Guild please!!


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Hi there,

I had 2 henchman games yesterday with Neverborn vs Guild and had a very difficult time with austringers... their ability to be very far away (completely out of LOS) and send an attck which ignores LOS and cover really is tough to deal with. Any suggestions on how to help cope with this greasy, dirty trick is much appreciated!


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Yep - austringers can't ignore cover and LoS requirements against silent models, so gupps and silurids are safe unless they stick their faces out.

They can also get to austringers quickly with their leap ability.

In general though, it's one shot per turn per austringer, and is only a 1/3/4 damage spread, so it's usually only an annoyance unless they get lucky and flip multiple severes.

Don't run models like tots too far forwards too early and give them easy targets though, send up waldgeist instead - the birds are raptors, not woodpeckers! That armour+2 will count for a lot. Maybe even think about using the "hexed amongst you" upgrade to get them very close!

If an austringer is hiding, and causing a real problem, Lilith can always use tangle shadows to pop him into base contact with her and then introduce him to the business end of her greatsword.

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