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McMourning Lawyers and Guild guard?

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Played a game with a lawyer last night versus the Viks, and I was rather pleased with the guy. He plopped Fees +1 on the henchman Vik twice, but over the course of the game, made my opponent cheat to avoid more Fees, which was nice. Hard to Wound certainly was handy as well. There was also a serious impetus to run him to the center line as a juicy treat for the Viks so he can get one more scheme marker there for Line in the Sand.


As it turned out, he wasn't all too important in the game, but I think that was just the setup of this one. The Viks had assassinate and Murder Portege on Sebastian, whereas I just had marker-based schemes and was able to tie them down on the right flank while I turned his left flank into fleshies. The lawyer ended up being a fine right flank distraction, though I'm curious to see him against a more experienced opponent.

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Well, I thought the lawyers would get less stock simply because their poison wasn't automatic, but they do have a nice set of annoying abilities and seem surprisingly hard to take down, though more hard to wound I'm not so sure of. When I get my McMourning crew back I'll take 1 for a spin.


As for guild guard, well, they do seem ideal for objective taking, but autopsies spread the all loving poison, have poison on themselves for transfusion and can actually shoot straight, so initially they'd be more my go to minion along with dogs, but both have their merits.

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