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Video Battle Report from Weekend Warriors: 50ss Seamus vs Lilith


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Greetings all!


We have another Video Battle Report starring our very own MaliDave!


Again, any comments, suggestions, and critiques are welcome. Let us know if there's a specific Master you'd like to see us tackle as well.



Thanks for watching!

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Just as an FYI, and I understand because it's vaguely worded, but I think you are mistaken about something you mentioned in the pre battle report. The Not Too Banged up upgrade, as far as myself and others who have discussed it can make out, requires the target to be in LoS of Madam Sybelle, not the Belle. If the target cannot see Madam Sybelle then your belle doesn't get the additional 2 movement on the Lure.

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Thank you again for an awsome Batrep!


I have to be selfish again regarding who you should play- more Dreamer, Lilith and Zoraida as I am new to Neverborn and those are the master I have choosen, and I cant think of anyone I would rather have doing Batreps about them then you guys!


Btw you might want to read this thread about doing max dmg with Lilith:




There are basically two great ways to attack with her:


1. the aggressive way:


"you activate her (0)Sudden darkness to get +1 dmg, then place a forest with Illusionary Forest 1inch away from the one you want to charge. With her 3range you can now charge a model 9inches away, running through a forest for the +1dmg. But wait theres more!^^
- you still have 1AP, so you now cast Wicked Mistress to push them into the forest (severe terrain), giving them a 1/2/3 dmg flip and the slow condition, and because you have Living blade you can now take a free 1AP ML action. I killed more or less anything I charged this way."
Min dmg 13/ max dmg 21
2. the defensive way:
"0 action summon trees. (no damage yet)
1 action wicked vines (One Damage from Caste)
1 Action Transfixing Gaze (3 damage from pull, 1/2/3 damage from them ending in sever terrain and they get slowed)
Free Action: you get to take your free attack from the living blade from Thirsy Mandrake (3/4/6) 
1 action Melee Attack (3/4/6)"
Min dmg 11/max 19
She can of course do a lot of other stuff, but if you just want to kill things, this is a good way ;)
- I am going to try and have Baby Kade hang around Lilith behind the forest in my next game, giving him a free pounce on anyone Lilith can lure to them.
Btw the Terror Tot would have gotten the kill when the Black Blood Shaman used "Black Blood Pustule", and seeing as the BBS was within 12 inches you could just have grown him to a Young for free :)
I have never really looked at Lelu and Lilitu before, but after seeing this video I have become a bit curious. but is a Black Blood Shaman a necessity to get the most out of them?
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Hey guys, great job again, very entertaining!  Thanks for the effort!


some feedback.


Love, love, love the Crew reveals shot.  That Seamus crew is stellar looking, I am a huge fan of the "realistic" look that has some punk aspects, my own crews gravitate to that. 


Thanks for the shout out and terrain switch-e-roo!  That set up looks killer to play on, I love all the alleys and LoS blocking stuff.  Not every game needs that, but mixing up terrain further deepens the game with crew/Master selection.


A major negative is the foolish hat that MaliDave is wearing.  Hard to like what you're doing when you're sporting a Broncos cap! :P  send me your mailing address and I'll get you a much better Patriots hat to wear...  you'll look that much smarter!


I love Squatter's Rights with Corner Deployment, diagonal centerlines are a lot of fun...


looking forward to the next one!

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You know DroolBucket, Having HP as your Icon photo does not shock me that you are a patriots fan.  Some quick Clarification.


I am from Providence, and I own a Patriots hat.

I have lived in Denver for over 10 years and have become a Broncos fan as well. 


I am the oxi-morron of football fans and I know it.


I will look for a neutral hat for future videos.


(I knew someone would comment on the hat, I just knew it.)

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