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Looking to sell Metal Lilith crew and some extras. (2E cards) (edited earlier post)


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Hello All,


I was wondering if anyone would be interested in trading the a plastic Mature Nephilum for the metal.


I bought all of my Neverborn crew a while ago, and I am just painting them up now.


I would basically like different sculpts and I figured an official sculpt would be best as my second Mature neph.


Also I have up to 4 young Neph and 3 terror tots I would like to trade if anyone was interested.


I have the arsenal box so you can keep your cards, I just would like to trade the actual models.


Let me know if you would like to trade.



I am located in Washington state in the US.



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Changing this up...Since I have no need for the plastics anymore (just went and bought them)


If someone would like the following I will let it go for $50 including Shipping in the US (getting it from coolstuffinc or somewhere else would be ~$60 plus shipping)


Lilith 's Brood Metal 1.5E box set

(which includes Lilith, 3 Terror Tots, 1 Mature Nephilim)

I will include the 2.0E Cards for these as well as well as the following 2.0E upgrade cards.

Living Blade

Wicked Mistress

Summon the blood

Beckon Malifaux

Obsidian Talons

Rapid Growth

This is all new in the box except for Lilith who has been stripped of paint very well.



Plastic 2.0E Cherub and 2.0E card


4 Metal 1.5E Young Nephilim


I will include 2 2.0E cards with these.  I will also include the Barbaros and his Nephilim Gladiatus cards if you want to try your hand at converting one of the metals...



Basically you get a complete Lilith crew, with current cards for $50.

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