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How many new sculpts and plastics coming


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Anything that is currently metal will get a plastic resculpt in time (though not necessarily quickly), so the war pig and Somer's avatar will get resculpted.


Gracie is already a plastic model, so she'll be staying as she is. Burt falls into that category too.

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The starter boxes are going to be plastic. The 1st 3 to be released should be Somer's, Ophelia's and Brewmasters. We don't know exactly what will be in each box (and unfortunately can't go by the box art that's out as Ratty said he made it some time ago before the contents were fully decided) but can be fairly confident of some things such as Somer's will include Bayou Gremlins, Ophelia's will have all the original Kin, Brewmaster will have Moon Shinobi and Fingers. Each box should also include totems (although how many of each we don't know).


I can't imagine Gracie will get a resculpt but anything that's currently metal will....eventually


If you check out the latest Wyrd Chronicles (and you should, it's the Gremlin edition!), the last page has the planned release schedule which, iirc, has Hog Whisperers released this summer.

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