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Italian Spring League


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We love spring!

sunny days, longer nights and more time to have fun!


this league will be run primarly in two places: Milan and Verona, but it's open to all italian players!


the rules are simple: contact me to join, play at least a game per week following the scheme and strategies for the league and send the result of the best game!

at the end of the league the player with the best score win!



every player will have 3 secret missions to achieve, and every mission will give more points!!


here's a little summary:


week 1

from april 24 to may first

play turf war, standard deploy


week 2

from may first to may 8

play reckoning with corner deploy


week 3

from may 8 to may 15

time for squatter's right, standard deploy again


week 4

from may 15 to may 22

back to turf war, with flank deploy


week 5, last week

give all you got playin reckoning with flank deploy


scheme pool will be announced weekly in this post!



and now a briefing of the secret messions:

secret missions will be 3 per player, determined randomly and secretly (use an hat ;) )

every mission achieved will give a +2 to the final difference score


place a scheme marker on the first turn in the enemy half of the table with your master

play all the four suit-schemes

at the end of the game have your master within 3" of at least 2 friendly scheme markers

kill a non-peon enemy model on turn 1

make 10 victory points in a single game

in a single game, remove 3 or more enemy scheme markers

at the end of a game have 6 or more friendly scheme marker on the center line

at the end of a game have 6 or more friendly scheme marker in the enemy deployment zone
play a game killing no enemy models
win a game killing no enemy models
end a game with only one friendly model on the table
at the end of a game have a scheme marker within 6" of every table corner
end a game with 4 or more SS left
draw a game
at the end of a game have only minion or peon models on the table (friendly AND enemy)
the finel score will be determined by this factors:
League points (3 for winning, 1 for draws, 0 if you lose)
difference (you know, the total difference between VP scored by you and you opponents)
Victory points scored
for info and more follow this topic, or visit us on facebook !!!!
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Yesterday evening my Ramos crew have beat to death Wong, guided by Luca.

After a long struggle between pigs and spiders, the mechanical arachnids win the onslaught and achieve victory.

The schemes for both was breakthrough and protect territory, all revealed.

10-2 was the final result. Rarely I saw a field so full of corpse and scarp markers....^^

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First week ending tonight, and second week starts!


the schemes for the second week will be:


A Line in the Sand



Make Them Suffer

Frame for Murder


have fun guys and stay tuned for upcoming pics and goodies

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Another week, another battle!

Tonight I take Seamus and his belles in the dark street of Malifaux, and in the other corner of the district I've noticed that Hamelin waits with his lost souls.

Who is gonna be the king of these quarantine neighbourhood?

The game was 40ss; I take Seamus, Madame Sybelle, copycat killer, 2 belles and bete noir. Hamelin was accompanied by Candy, Higgy, an obedient wretch and two rat catchers.

I take Bodyguard on bete noir and make them suffer (no one revealed); Hamelin take a line in the sand and bodyguard on Candy.


The game start with an initial positioning, but both of us cannot conceed too much finesse, because for win, bones gonna be broken...^^

For sure Ressers are solid like stone, and a 5 SS belle is a nightmare with her 8 WD and HTW. Hamelin's crew spread disease amog the undead, but with Flintlock shots and Sybelle whip, the blood start to run from lost souls wounds...

Maybe, with other strategy and schemes, Hamelin crew can counts more on her playstyle and strenghts, but with this "face to face" situation, my crew exacts an heavy toll on lord of disease minions.

In the end, with 7 turns played, the game end in a 10-1 for Seamus.

It was a good game, with many moments of fun and alternate luck.

See you next week for another encounter!

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Last night I played another encounter in this League, this time my Ressers had to face the dreadful Mexican Menace: Latigo Posse!


I fielded Seamus with 2 Belles, CCK, Sybelle, Punk Zombie and a Crooked Man. Both lists enjoyed great mobility and hot lead started filling the air since turn 2!

Luckily, the targets of this utter violence were just my Belles and Seamus had a very good karma yesterday... arising his sweets two times (one with a 10 of crows from my hand, the second desperately flipping a card from the fate deck during the 5th turn... just in time to stay near a scheme marker and claiming it for Protect Territory!


It was a nice game and I love Malifaux! My fellow player was at his first match and enjoyed it a lot, we discussed some changes and additions to his list, especially upgrades.


See ya next time! :)

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League and Demo night yesterday in Verona! :)


A bunch of passionate miniature-lovers met up in a local game store to watch and learn the game through a couple of encounters:


Rasputina-Klaus came to freeze the town with all her December's crew, turning Seamus and his Belles into Snowman and his beautiful Icicles!

...Seamus was in a violent mood last night: he moved, teleported himself on a roof and blasted away the poor wendigo during turn 1 with his flintlock...

...the white lady's spell-repeaters came along and positioned so that Rasputina could deliver some retribution on a couple of Belles, failing to kill anyone tho...

...Luring Belles! Luring Belles! Luring all the way! Rezzers' violence continued with a Punk Zombie and Sybelle positioning midfield thanks to extra-movement, ready to charge next turn...

...after a whole turn of horrible, horrible draws, December's pupils flipped nothing under 10 to hit and damage in the decisive turn... the Winter has Come, 6-2 was the final result!


Some internal affairs in Neverbornhood... Pandora had something to tell Lilith about and chose the spooky way!

After some turn of careful positioning, charge-denying, evil-eye cursing and self-harming, all surviving characters reveled in furious melee combat.

Nephilim mobility was crucial and a couple of well-positioned Scheme Markers were enough to ensure Lilith's final victory: 5-2 for the demonic side of the Neverborn.


At the end of the night: happy faces, beers... and 4 new Malifaux players to join our community soon!


See Ya!

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