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The Adventures of McMourning and Captain Feckler.


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pictures can be found: http://1drv.ms/PTmJx5


"I'm telling you McMourning you are on the fast track! To think the Governor General's Secretary promoted you, a humble doctor to field duty and helping us investigate the ressurectionist! I know from the moment I saw you that you had great imitative..."   As Captain Feckler kept droning on about the "honour" Lucius  had bestowed upon him, McMourning could just gnash his teeth in frustration. It was supposed to be a simple stroll to gather a few supplies he had buried out here, but Lucius had insisted he bring the captain for his protection and keeping his disguise as the new consultant to the Guild on the undead. It wasn't until about the third time that Sebastian poked him that he realized that someone was talking to him, well someone other than Feckler.

"Sir, there appears to be mercenaries ahead of us, we think they are heading towards us" the Austringer reported.

"How do I keep getting myself into these messes" McMorning thought.



Strategy: Turf War


My list


Guild McMorning [4]

-On the Click

-Plastic Surgery

-Evidence Tampering


Sebastian [9]

-Lead Lined Coat


Captain Feckler (Exorcist) [9]

-Lead Lined Coat


Zombie Chinchilla [2]


2x Nurses [10]

2x Witchlings [10]

1x Austringer [6]


Schemes: Out Flank (declared), Distract



Viktoria of Ashes -- 6 Pool
 +Sisters in Spirit [1]
 +Survivalist [1]
 +Synchronized Slaying [2]
Viktoria of Blood [0]
+Mark of Shez'uul [2]
+Sisters in Fury [2]
Vanessa [8]
+Howling Wolf Tattoo [1]
Hans [8]
Student of Conflict [4]
Abomination [4]
2x Ronin [12]
Schemes: Body Guard (Hans), Line in the Sand
Deployment (since the table was 4x4 we marked off 6" border around the table as a deadzone):
-I deployment my force in the southwest corner of the map. My thoughts were to move the austringer, 1 nurse and witchling to hold the flank and the rest of my force to go for the center and see what happens.
-My opponent deployed his Ronin's across from my force, The Viktoria's and the student of conflict in the middle and the rest of his force in the NE corner opposite of me.
Turn 1:
"You men!" Feckler shouted, "head along the flank and make sure no one else comes, we will proceed to the objective!"
"Maybe you should join the men on the flank" McMourning suggested, "it could get too dangerous for a man of your importance..."
"Nonsense" Feckler replied, "I clearly need to remain at your side to protect you. I will provide a distraction and let you do your science"
First turn saw the Viktoria's and their crew zoom towards the center. I really should have deployed my main force more towards the center as I really felt like I barely advanced this turn. Han's took a pot shot at a witching, but between a nurse and the other wicthing it barely slowed my force down.
Turn 2:
McMourning saw one of the Victoria's dart into a barn near where he buried his supplies. Looking back he saw Feckler lagging behind. Now's my chance he thought.
So McMorning took a walk action and I decided to try and scalpel sling my way towards the center. I flipped the red joker and put McMorning into base to base with the Student of Conflict. I then missed my last attack on her :S. I kind of realized putting my master so far forward might have been a mistake when the Viktoria of blood came after McMorning bringing him down to 2 wounds (I burnt a ton of soul stones trying to stay alive :S). Luckily the close quarters of the barn didn't allow more models to engage McMorning. The Exorcist managed to peg The Viktoria of Ash and pin her and the Austringer bunched Sebastian just close enough to the center to help me score.
both get 1 point from strategy
1 - 1 (tie)
Turn 3:
"Maybe we can talk about th...."  McMourning began.
Well David got initiative and the first thing he did was take out McMorning :(. I moved the zombie chinchilla though within 2" of the Viktoria of Blood, the student of conflict and Vanessa and poisoned them all. Vanessa healed the entire crew by 4 with a healing flip, but because of Sebastian's abilities I did 3 damage to the student of conflict (who tried to kill the poor Chichilla and surprisingly failed). The Viktoria of Ash then charged Sebastian and nearly killed him. My nurse healed him to full, but alas I didn't manage to dispel the paralyze with the wicthling :(.
the exorcist distracted one of the Ronin's and the wicthling and nurse I had on the flank distracted the other one.
both get 1 point from strategy and I get one point from distraction
3 - 2 (my favour).
Turn 4:
During the upkeep phase the poison finished off the student of conflict. My opponent not wanting to take more poison by Sebastian started with Viktoria of Ash Dragon Bited Sebastian killing him and then he accomplished the other Viktoria who charged my nurse killed her :(. I activated my other nurse who kept the Ronin paralyzed. The other Ronin failed to harm my exorcist and Vanessa dropped a scheme marker. My wicthling removed one of theirs. My opponent reveals bodyguard on Hans
both get 1 point from strategy, I get 1 point from distraction and David gets 1 point from bodyguard
5 - 4 (my favour)
Turn 5:
One again Viktoria of Ash uses dragon bite this time to remove my wicthling. My burn a ton of cards but manage to keep my exorcist alive. The nurse who was keeping the ronin locked down heads towards the center and I use the austringer to nudge her to within scoring distance. 
both get 1 point from strategy I get 1 point from distraction and David gets 1 point from bodyguard
7 - 6 (my favour) 
Turn 6:
We both forgot that schemes/strategies cap out points, so this turn didn't see that much. I try to move the wicthling to the center to score with the exorcist, but my opponent uses Vanessa to kill the wicthling not letting me do the same trick twice. 
I get 2 points from Out Flank and David gets 1 point from Bodyguard and 2 from Line in the Sand.
9 - 9 (tie)
After game thoughts: I'm surprised at the end I tied that. I had 2 models left at the end of the game and only killed 2 of my opponents models. I mainly tried just to live through his attacks and take schemes, but I probably should have spent a little more resources to either killing a few of his models (especially Vanessa, she is mean at the center line) or locking down more models with the exorcist. Also throwing McMorning that far forward was a mistake. The nurses were amazing and I like the exorcist. He was pretty tanky, can semi lock down a target at range and I think with McMorning and plastic surgery I can make him (and McMorning) pretty killy. Though again didn't really try to kill models this game.
McMourning came to, only to be greeted by the face of Feckler staring down at him.
"McMourning, good to see you have finally woken up! Unfortunately it seems our positions got reserved and you ended up being the distraction. It seems those Viktoria's really needed to...well use the facilities. The inside of it now....well it ain't pretty with all the corpses and broken bottles and everything. I have no idea what they were doing in there, but who knows what a woman does when she heads into an outhouse, am I right or am I right?
McMourning was trying to re-embrace unconsciousness; but unfortunately he caught the end of Feckler's rant.
"Oh, a messenger came from Lucius and he has another assignment for us, I guess we're going be travelling together for awhile".
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Pictures can be found here: http://1drv.ms/1jxRejq


"I'm a doctor, not a soldier" McMourning Complained for what felt like the 100th times.

"Nonsense my lad" Captain Feckler answered "You're a valuable member of The Guild. I'm sure Lucius just wants to make sure you're ready for any more encounters, not like you haven't had a few between those ressurectionist scums in the morgue and going up against the Viks".

McMourning just prayed this "training" exercise didn't take too long.



Deployment:  Corner 

Strategy: Squatter's Scheme


My List

Using the same list as last time

Schemes: Line in the sand (declared), and plant explosives


Stinkmunk's list

(going off memory for his list)

Perdita Ortega -- 7 Pool
 +Vengeance Bullet [1]
Enslaved Nephilim [3]
Abuela Ortega [7]
 +Plant Evidence [1]
Francisco Ortega [8]
Nino Ortega [7]
Papa Loco [7]
Santiago Ortega [7]
 +Diestro [3]
Schemes: Line in the sand, Breakthrough
Deployment: Stinkmunk deployed his force ready to rush to the center. I decided to use my higher model count to divide my list with the austringer going for the far marker on my table edge and some models to go for the one on the other side. Figured would send the vast majority of my force to delay/tank his crew in the center.

Turn 1:

The flare finally went off signifying the game to begin. Before the flare even hit the group a gun shot came from around the building followed by a painful whining sound. “MY DOG!!! YOU SHOOT MY DOG” McMourning cried and charged off after the sound.

“McMoruning wait” captain Feckler cried, but was too late. McMourning was off. He caught sight of someone hiding around a corner, but before they could escape McMourning threw one of his scaleps and saw with satisfaction it hit Nino firmly in the neck removing him from the field.


So first turn I didn’t realize I had my poor zombie chinchilla deployed with no cover and Stinkmunk took advantage of that by taking him out first activation. Luckily for me though he was a bit too far forward and with a lucky severe damage flip from McMourning I took Nino out during my first activation. So I’m not that familiar with Perdiate and her family and assumed they were more of a camping shooting crew. I was pretty shocked that by the end of first turn he already had models in the center of the board by the markers. Between lures, obeys and general pushes the family was really hustle when they need to. Perdiate had actually managed to get over half the board and take a shot at McMourning doing 6 damage to him. Meanwhile I felt my models were barely out of my deployment zone. I tried using the nurses to boost the WK of my models, but I had no masks in my hand and was just able to hand out armour.


Turn 2:

McMourning remembered what happened the last time he ran off alone against a master, not willing to make the same mistake this time he injected a of the stalkers to keep up with him as he went toe to toe against Perdiate.


I didn’t want to risk Perdiate just following and shooting me up and I figured McMourning would probably fair pretty well against her in combat so I moved and charged in, then promptly missed Perdiate with both of my attacks :S. Instead of bring the witching in combat I sent him to keep going after the objectives. Perdiata got dynamite from Nino and really starting ripping into McMourning.

One of my nurses followed the austringer and once again falled to give him a faster movement speed, so the austringer just keep walking at a snail’s pace towards the other marker.  The exorcist tried attacking Abuela, he managed to convience himself that anyone that old must be undead, but couldn’t bring himself to actually finish the old crone off. In retaliation Franciso charged the exorcist and flipped a red joker on damage killing him with one attack :S (forgot about finish the job so didn’t place a marker). So much for my tanks.


Score: 1 – 0 (Stinkmunk)


Turn 3:

McMourning once again tried to attack Perdita, this time missing 3 times. Giving up on him I use his 0 to push the witchling further along.

Santiago takes a few pot shots at Franciso, and since he can’t hit family members his randomizes between my wicthling and Sebastian and kills off the poor talker. Since he has so many models close by I use one of the nurses to give Abela her medicine and limit her just to ML actions. Franciso goes into combat with Sebastian who just manages to survive. The austringer then delivers his orders to Sebastian who moves out of combat and plants a scheme marker right beside Franciso.

Perdita attacks McMourning and her first attack brings him down to 1 hp. I try using SS to keep alive but his second attack manages to hit. For damage he flips 3. The red joker and the black joker keeping McMourning alive! Until the next attack which takes him out L. Since Nino can’t get an attack on the stalker he Stinkmunk decided to just go for my deployment zone now that I have no models blocking that way, bringing papa loco beside that innocent looking scheme marker the injection forced my stalker to drop. KABOOM!! (yes I realize now I forgot to activate Sebastian this turn)


Score 2 – 3 (me)


Turn 4:

So Abula did not like the nurse forcing her to take her medicine and proceeds to shotgun the nurse. He gets the trigger killing my nurse off. Franciso finishes off Sebastian. My lone nurse manages to paralyze him though and using her DF trigger avoid the family members and live the round. The austringer finally get s to the marker. The wicthling meanwhile is running around trying to drop scheme markers to get me line in the same.


Score: 3 – 4 (me)


Turn 5:

Unfortunately I lose initiative resulting in my nurse being taken out by Abula (guess she really didn’t like her medicine) making it impossible for me to get the last scheme marker for line in the same.

Final score 10 – 6 (Stinkmunk).


“Maybe some more training won’t be a bad idea” McMourning thought as he was summoned to meet with Lucius.



Well I screwed up a few things this game. If I remembered finish the job on the exorcist or to activate Sebastian I think I could have gotten the VP’s from plant explosives and gotten the austringerto the marker earlier to start scoring from the scheme.  Also sending the austringer for the strategy like that was the wrong choice, I should have brought a faster model instead (or pray harder to the fate gods, really needed a mask for those first 2 turns to let the nurses make my crew faster). Stinkmunk pointed out some fun ideas on what McMourning can do with poison which will hopefully help speed up my crew for the next game. I think if I got my main force to the center faster and not so piece meal they might have fared better.

Also really need to start flipping better with McMourning. You would think with 5 attacks he could have hit Perdita at least once.


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Well perdita is ironically more dangerous in melee and with her fransisco aided defense not easily hit... Funny report though, training seems to be in order ;)


Sad part is Franciso was on the other end of the board and I don't think ever had to use aided defense in the game. 

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Pictures can be found here: http://1drv.ms/1uC7A0k


“As McMourning approached Lucius he couldn’t help but noticed the seedy fellow standing beside the Governor General's Secretary. “Ah McMourning” purred Lucius “I have an assignment for you. Word has reached me that Von Schill and his men are approaching our territory, I want you and your men to protect it”.

“Von Schill? You want me and my men to stand up to him? Can I least bring some of my “men” with me” McMourning asked putting air quotes around men.

“I would prefer to keep this quiet “ Lucius explained, “Von Schill’s reputation is starting to procedd him and I don’t want a big battle being attributed to it, you won’t bring your men, but instead Lawyer Bob here will accompany you, I suspect you will watch over him as he is a valuable asset”.

“You expect me and my men and a lawyer to deal with Von Schill!?! You’re not even sending me any guards” McMourning shouted at the man. He suddenly stopped realizing he might be pressing Lucius too far; but, The Governor General’s Secutary was standing there relaxed.

“Oh no, I won’t be sending you without any fighting man” Lucius explained. It must have been a trick of the light, but McMourning could have sworn he saw Lucius smiling.

“Oh thank the Governor General I’m not too late” Captain Feckler said as he walked into the office.


Strategy: Turf War

My List:

Guild McMorning [4]

-On the Click

-Plastic Surgery

-Evidence Tampering


Sebastian [9]

-Lead Lined Coat


Captain Feckler (Exorcist) [9]

-Lead Lined Coat


Zombie Chinchilla [2]


2x Nurses [10]

1x Laywer [6]

Schemes: Line in the sand (declared) and Bodyguard (Laywer) (Yeah I messed up and thought I could take it on him L)


Opponent: Don’t have his list L. From what I remember

Von Schill (4 SS)

-Shirt comes off

-Some upgrade from the Avatar beta

A Trapper

Flame thrower guy who kept burning my scheme markers.

Schemes: protect Terriritory, Vendetta (against Sebastian)


Turn 1:

McMourning know not to underestimate Von Schill. Captain Feckler took most of the crew going up the left flank to stop him while McMourning took Bob up the right.

I used the nurse to pump McMourning full of poison to rocket him forward and he dragged the nurse with him. VonSchill actually managed to move far enough to engage my exorcist, though luckily only did 2 damage to him.


Turn 2:

One of the trappers declared his Vendetta against Sebastian getting my opponent 1 VP.

The nurse charged VonSchill, who used his soul stones preventing my nurse from doing any damage L

The zombie Chinchilla comes up putting poison on Von Schill and the trapper.

Sebastian charges the trapper doing some damage to him and putting even more poison

In retaliation Von Schill charges the nurse killing her with a red joker, and then attacks Sebastian also killing him :S

Then Captain Feckler activates :D


Captain Feckler stared at Von Schill with disgust. While he fought for a different team then him, he could at least respect the guy for being honorable and a good fighter.  He couldn’t fathom what would drive a man like him to use the ressurectionists dark arts to become an undead abomination. If McMorning had not tipped him off to what Von Schill had become, he would never have guessed he was an undead abomination.

Feckler held high his medallion.

“By the name of the Governor General I banish you undead abomination to the darkness from which you came from!!”

Von Schill’s head snapped up as the power from Captain Feckler washed over him, he barely managed to break 2 soul stones to save himself.


So the exorcist accused Von Schill of being an undead and then on his attack I flipped the red joker. My opponent was out of cards and had to burn his last 2 soul stones to keep Von Schill alive.

On the other side of the board McMourning started going through my oppoentns minions and the lawyer started dropping schemes.

The trapper died from the poison

3 – 1 (opponent)


Turn 3

So McMourning was taking a lot of firepower this round, but I managed to keep him topped off by just killing my opponents crew. Von Schill surprisingly failed at killing the zombie Chinchilla. A few models shoot the exorcist and almost killed him, but he moved close enough for the nurse to heal him.

VP: 4-2 (opponent)


Turn 4

At this point McMourning was just mopping stuff up. I guess this is what happens when I get him to attack minions and enforcers and not throw him at my opponents master. I did lose the nurse and Lawyer this round (flamer killed the Laywer and got rid of 2 of my markers)

VP: 4-3 (opponent)


Turn 5:

So Von Schill managed to sneak up and take a shoot at the exorcist killing him, but with finish the job he still managed to drop the last scheme marker I needed.

VP:  4-6 (me)


McMourning surveyed the battlefield, he was the last man standing but he actually managed to do it! So this is what winning feels like he thought, ignoring all the bumps and cuts he got from being constantly shot at. With the exception of Bob, most of McMourning’s crew came to and joined their master in celebration.

“It’s a shame about that seedy fellow” Captain Feckler commented looking down at his burnt and broken body. “Hopefully Lucius won’t be too mad”.

“Well” McMounring thought “Lucius just told him to keep Bob close, he never said he needed to be alive. “

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Good stuff, and macmourning does much better at slaughtering minions it seems :) love the fluff! Very much in character

One thing: if at all possible, could you put some of the pictures into the report itself? Would bring you from excellent to awesome ;)


I tried to do that, but skydrive doesn't let me link to the pictures directly. Guess need to spend 5min and look for a good free image dump site. 

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