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A Wyrd Weekend at MassaCON 6-8th June


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MassaCON is a new gaming convention to be held at the Northwest Gaming Centre in Stockport from Friday 6th to Sunday 8th June.

See earlier thread http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/93473-massacon-2014-a-specialist-gaming-convention/


The same weekend is being promoted by Wyrd as The Wyrd Weekend, so in addition to Malifaux I'm looking at how to incorporate a wide range of Wyrd games. What format that takes, and when, I'm open to some flexibility on.


So, the definitive event is a 5 round 50SS fixed faction tournament, starting on Friday evening and running through to Saturday dinnertime (an idea stolen shamelessly from Smogcon).


There will also be a 3 round story encounter, on Friday.


I'm also looking at how you can play a variety of Wyrd games (PWU, EBO, Showdown Icons, etc.) in either a competitive environment or as an achievement league. This could make for a relaxed Friday or Sunday.


And for Saturday evening it'll be Hardcore or Enforcer Arena (multiplayer games using a single Enforcer each).


The top 2 or 3 from each competitive event will go through to a final tournament on Sunday for the grand overall Malifaux champion of MassaCon (a format that each of the game types have been asked to follow by the organisers).


So, in order to move forward I need to know who's interested, who's actually got their ticket, and if people are coming for all 3 days, and if so if they'll be playing other games as well. Currently we can have space for 32 players, but that can change dependant on popularity.


Finally, Matt Spooner has agreed to help at the event, and Aidan Kirk is helping with the organisation, but some additional willing hands to help with set-up/takedown, or with one event would be most welcome.


Based on the other post I'm aware of the following;



  • Mariefaux
  • Joel
  • MythicFox
  • Pierowmaniac
  • Oshova

Tickets Bought



So please post your interest and we'll move things forward with a rules pack shortly.

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Please note that I will no longer be organising the Malifaux content at this event.

Please consider that there are 3 other weekend events that month on which to use your pass - Deliverance, Fire & Ice and the Scottish GT.

Apologies for any inconvenience incurred.

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