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Little Frog in a Big Pond - UK Ranked Tournament


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Hello All,

I’m organising a ranked tournament for the 28th June, It will be held at the Groovy Frog, Ramsgate, http://www.groovyfrog.co.uk/

There is tons of parking local to the shop, an in store café and a variety of crappy food vendors within walking distance, https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?safe=off&q=groovy+frog+ramsgate&ie=UTF-8&ei=U8NCU-bHAuLH7Ab_1IHgBg&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAg.

The games will be fixed master and dual masters must declare a faction at the beginning.

All games are 50 Soulstones, with 20-25 Soulstones being fixed for all games and the remaining can be changed through the matches.

It will consist of 4 120 minute rounds, with a 15 minute break between each round.

Lunch will be an hour between the 2nd and 3rd round.

This is when the awards for best painted crew and master will be decided.

Tickets £10.00

Registration starts at 9 am and the first round starts at 10 am.

The formal rules packet will be released a week prior to the tournament, detailing deployment, strats and scheme pools for the rounds.

It is preferred that all models must be painted to a minimum of 3 colours and be based.

Proxies are allowed, but must be clearly stated as the model at the start of the game, and be deemed suitable by your opponent.

For further information or to show interest please leave a reply.

Tickets will go on sale shortly dependent on interest.

Many thanks

Jake “The Boy”

Intrested in:









9. Nepalese_Ninja (paid)

10. Malal

11. Pox (paid)

12. Clousseau

13. Oathius (PAID)

14. Tarantio (PAID)

15. Mr Reeves (Paid)

16. genx3000

17. Dave maltster

18. crikeymiles (Paid)

19. Jake (Paid)

20. Zak (Paid)

21. Shakes1066 (Luke) (Paid)

22. Rocknutter (Paid)

23. Mcdoogle (Paid)

24. Stephen Lyssejko (paid)

25. John (Paid)

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As the attendance seems to be going quite well I'll start with a thanks to all those who've already thrown their name in.

Secondly is what your entry money will go on. All funds I get will be turned into prizes. There will be 8 placed prizes:
1. Best sports man
2. Best painted master
3. Best painted crew
4. 1st place
5. 2nd place
6. 3rd place
7. Wooden spoon
8. Last to register on event day.

Every attendant will also receive a swag bag of varying quiality. So everyone will walk away with something.

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Today ive have been and got some items to include in the swag bags. Only a few metal blisters.


Ill be letting lose a teaser of what is in store later this week.


Counter Attack Bases have agreed to send somethings our ways as well.


http://www.counterattackbases.co.uk/ check out some of the goodies that might be coming up for prizes

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