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Building spiders, good lord help me! Haha.


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Alrighty so I am assembling my little spiders now and I decided to be more creative than bubblegum + base = DONE. Thus far I regret the decision...Haha.


You guys are downright kickass at this stuff, so I decided to shamelessly beg you to impart upon me a bit of that ass kicker wisdom! Be not gentle, for I would love to suck less at this part of the hobby. I adore it. I just friggin suck haha.

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The expander plug would be fine with some cable ties to the base(use string painted copperish, or metalic) and something to show electricity. make it like a steampunk van graff generator.


I'd prime the nuts separately from the spiders. for extra goodness, don't shake a spray primer first, so you get some gunk buildup, to help make it look heavily corroded. The reason I'd suggest doing it separately is that I've found that steel bolts/nuts/washers don't take paint or primer as well, and need much thicker coats. this is a problem for the models, as with too thick a coat you lose all detail.

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