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Looking For A Static Grass Matt


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I'm still fairly new to the game and am re-purposing some of my older terrain for use with Malifaux.  One stumbling block has been a grass mat.  I have one of the older GW battlemats which are sadly no longer in production.  It's a cloth backed mat with a low nap static grass.  I love the mat and it's held up very well over 7 years.  It's one of the few GW products that I felt was a great value.


Anyhow the mat is 4' x 6'.  It's impractical to fold under or mark off for a game of Malifaux and I dread cutting it down.  I have looked and I can't find an equivalent product out there.  So far all I've found are vinyl backed mats from model railroad layouts, which don't look like they would hold up as well over the long run.


Does anyone know a source for good quality static grass mats?  (and before anyone mentions zuzzy, I've played on them before and I'm not such a fan of them).



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Check out Frontline Gaming. The mats are a bit pricy, but by all accounts they are a fantastic product. I'd like to get one for malifaux and one for xwing. They are described as a giant mousepad. Foamrubber backing with a cloth front. Supposed to be foldable and rollable with no creasing or curling. It is not static grass, however. A cheap alternative to get you though in the mean time is a sheet of felt or fleece, both of which you can get at wallmart or micheals.

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I've just marked out a Malifaux gaming area on one side of the mat I bought - a 3'x3' square with dashed centre lines and marks around the edges to indicate deployment zones. I drew them with felt tip which worked really well and hasn't gone through to the other side so I can still have it as a plain 6'x4' mat for other games. I also re-flocked my terrain to match - it was easy to get matching static grass and I think it looks rather good.

Hoping to get a game on it tomorrow...

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone.


St. Murphy, I have a mat similar to the fronline ones from Deadzone and while it does a good job at simulating urban pavement, I don't like their look as grass.


Green, my local model railroad shop has some of the Woodland Scenic mats and they're not static grass but the small ground up flock.  It would do if there's nothing else, but I'm saving that as a last resort.


There is another model RR company (Busch)that makes a mat almost exactly like the old GW one, but they only come 80cm wide (32").  So close yet so far.

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