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Black Blood followed by the Black Plague...


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Hi All,


Again I am another beginner to Malifaux having only picked up my first crew box a month ago when I returned from travelling. As I was travelling around S E Asia I was initally going to pick up Misaki's Ten Thunders as had uber amounts of inspiration for them. However, I took a u-turn and actually bought Lilith the Mother of Monsters herself after listening to a malibites episode where Mr Joel Henry turned my head. And I am so glad I did.


So without further ado here are what I have painted in the first month of my Malifaux adventure.




I have also had a few games against Lady J, McMourning, Nico and Pandora crews but still finding my feet with the rules and the intricacies!


I love the amazingly different dynamics and play style compared to WFB and am becoming somewhat addicted to this game!


I have signed up for a couple of tournaments in April/May so I need to get a few more games under my belt between now and then!


As it seems with most people in Malifaux I have already decided on my next master and picked up my next crew box. Here are a few pictures of Hamelin to lead them! CC is always welcome as I am also a painting noob. There are still a fair few Neverborn models I have that have not touched the table yet though such as Teddy, Tuco, Black Blood Shaman and Nekima so I will be playing mostly Lilith for the next few months I would imagine! I also have the Viks and the Ortegas waiting patiently in line for some paint and action but it will be a while till I turn to them yet.




That's all for now.


Chris aka @cdhay

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Hi Billybarboros. I am actually just using the old games workshop paints and brushes along with a windsor & newton series 223 brush.


All I tend to do is spray undercoat (in this case black for Lilith crew), then basecoat (the majority of this crew mainly dheneb stone for the nephilim skin, then wash it all with a purple wash, before adding some highlights and richer colours over that.


The blood is a very simple mix of blood red, red gore, black and red wash before adding UHU glue. This turns the mix a sticky stretchy consistency which I dolop on and then use tweasers to stretch out over the model and bases.


The bases are just snapped lolipop sticks stuck to the bases which are washed agrax earthshade and then a green wash to look a bit mouldy, blue sand stuck around the gaps and finally some funky looking toxic flowers.


It is all very basic. Close ups of individual models coming up later tonight.


Hope this helps a little

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Minor update, I have been focusing my painting time on a few more models in my Hamelin crew as played a few games with Lilith now with a fair bit of success so keen to mix it up a bit when I put things on the table not only for my own enthusiasm but also to keep my regular opponents guessing!


So here is a picture of my current progress. I painted the 3 stolen for #MFXTOP run by Ben Sime on twitter, which helped motivate me to work on this crew.


I have also tried a different technique using subtle tones and lots of washes instead of bold bright colours. I really like the effect and think it fits this crew and the fluff perfectly. However, I still feel there is something missing so any suggestions would be more than welcome.


Finally I tried something on the bases with a cotton wool ball to try and look as if rats fur has been snagged on the barbed wire but it came out looking like mist/smoke. So I am going to stick with that as I like the way it looks and gives things an eerie look. And if anyone asks, that was the effect I was going for! Haha




I also had another game with Lilith against Devalmont's Ressa McMourning and managed to come away with a 9-3 win this time. But I feel a little bad as went for a complete brute squad list after reviewing the schemes and strat.


I took Lilith, Barbaros, Mature Nephilim, Teddy, 2 Young Nephalim and a terror tot.


The strat was turf war and the schemes I selected were Murder Protege (Sebastian) and Bodyguard (Teddy +2 regen and impossible to wound).

The end of the game ended like this! Sorry for the blurry pic but you get the point!




There should be a battle report coming up soon in the battle report section so keep your eyes peeled!


I have also just had the Lucius box set delivered so I am in the process of building and basing my Neverborn Lucius and Lawyer. I am looking forward to having some traitor guild models mixed in with my Nephilim to see if I can find any synergies there!


Finally getting a tutorial on Vassal tomorrow with none other than Mr Joel Henry so hopefully I will be up to speed soon which should allow me even more table (monitor) time when I can't actually meet up with people!

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Thanks Gipsy Danger, glad you like!


I am not sure whether I am regretting this or not yet but I have made a drastic decision and decided to rebase my Neverborn above. I know a lot of people have said they loved the basing but to be honest they were a pain in the arse to transport and now I have a new GW case with little foam insert I need something much more streamlined. So I have gone for this.


I do really liek how they look and maybe not as eye popping and unusual as the original base but feel it will stand me in good stead going forward. I still have the old bases and can defo see me using them again in the future. Maybe for a Zoraida crew when the new plastic crew comes out!!!


So let me know what you think of these new bases. Still got to paint the edges black but apart form that good to go.









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A little update.


Played my first game with Hamelin and it was carnage. So many activations and models everywhere! I don't have a rat king model though so may have been playing it wrong as just had rats everywhere. Was a nice change to Neverborn though and a completely different play style. both me and my opponent liked it as he got to kill lots of stuff!

It did feel a lot more like chess and was very tense throughout.


I have also got another master and had an idea to create a lego themed dreamer crew. So here are a few pics of my initial thoughts.


Basic Idea!





Card holster for during games!


Score and turn counter and general fun sign for stupid comments during games



I also have my first tournament coming up next weekend so I need to get stuck in to finishing off my Neverborn to take. I have 2 Waldgeists, Widow Weaver, 3 Tots and Nekima proxy to finish off so got my work cut out in a week! But I will give it my best shot!

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