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Outcast Misaki VS Ten Thunders Lynch 50ss


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Hello Internet! I got a long overdue game in against my friends Lynch crew. Since the last time he had played had been a while ago I knew he had done some more research into the Lynch shenanigans and was ready to see some new tricks. Without further ado Outcast Misaki VS TT Lynch! 


Outcast: (Outflank, Breakthrough)

Misaki w/ Scramble, Survivalist

Taelor w/ Oathkeeper


Freikorps Librarian w/ Oathkeeper

2x Ronin 

1 Torakage


Cache: 5


Ten Thunders: (Frame For Murder, Outflank)

Lynch w/ Endless Hunger, Woke Up With A Hand, (Avatar- Desperate Manifest)

Lone swordsman w/ Recalled Training

2x Beckoner

3x Illuminated

Hungering Darkness


Cache: 1


Deployment: Standard

Strategy: Reckoning 

Available Schemes: A Line In The Sand, Outflank, Frame For Murder, Breakthrough, Bodyguard


The table was a splattering of trees and a few bigger pieces to break up line of sight nothing too exciting but a good amount of terrain on the board. Both crews deployed as far out as possible in opposite corners.


Turn 1: Lynch wins Initiative 


Beckoner 1 moves forward and Lures the Hungering Darkness into base contact then pushes away with her trigger closer to Misaki and crew. Ronin 1 double walks straight up the board and hides behind a tree. Beckoner 2 walks forward and Lures Illuminated 1 and pushes closer to Misaki. The Torakage runs up next to the Ronin who was crouched behind the tree. The second Illuminated double walks down the opposite end of the board. Ronin 2 walks up to join the Torakage and her sister and Illuminated 3 walks to the center of the board towards a large stack of hay bales. Taelor moves to join the rest of the crew. Lone Swordsman double walks next to the Illuminated headed for the center of the field. The Librarian runs behind Taelor to her right side. Hungering Darkness runs all the way to the center of the field. Yamikizo runs to join Taelor standing on her Left and Braces Yari. Illuminated 3 moves toward the opposite side of the hay bales. Misaki joins the rest of her crew and completes the Misaki Bunker! Lynch moves up to the Beckoners and focuses.


Breakdown: Normal hustle and bustle for positioning although I did discover a funny trick that would work against some more mobile crews who want that Turn 1 charge. Stand the two Ronin in front with Taelor and Yamikizo with Braced Yari behind them then have a Torakage off to a side and Misaki between Taelor and the Librarian in the back. Ronin cant be charged and if they do pull something and charge elsewhere that's 3 damage from  Yami and they're now in everyone's ML range.


Turn 2: Misaki wins Initiative


Torakage moves onto the edge of the board and takes a defensive stance (Holding outflank). Beckoner 2 lures Taelor forward then pushes towards the Misaki Bunker and casts Despicable Promises on Taelor who resists. Ronin 1 double walks further up the board looking do drop some breakthrough markers next turn. Beckoner 1 moves and fails to Lure Taelor father forward. Ronin 2 moves farther up the board and behind another tree then takes a defensive stance. The Lone Swordsman moves forward to join the Hungering Darkness by the bale of hay. Taelor activates discarding oathkeeper and charges the Lone Swordsman Hitting both times and killing him through his Hard To Kill then fails to hit The Hungering Darkness with the third attack. The Hungering Darkness attacks Taelor dealing a total of 4 damage and passing brilliance (missed the 2nd attack and prevented damage on the 3rd).Yamikizo re positions with nimble and charges Hungering Darkness dropping him to 3 wounds and Braces Yari. Illuminated 1 double walks into the combat. Misaki moves forward and charges the Illuminated dealing 4 damage and pushes backwards. Illuminated 3 double moves into combat with the Ronin on his end of the table. The Freikorp Librarian moves and heals two wounds on Taelor. Illuminated 2 double walks behind the hay bales next to a Beckoner. Lynch moves forward and uses Final Dept to drop Taelor to her Hard to Kill




Turn 3: Misaki wins Initiative 


Taelor wiffs against Hungering Darkness (sad days) who then activates and eats Taelor and Yamikizo healing to full. The Freikorp Librarian came through for me here and uses Furious casting and annihilates Hungering Darkness with ease and putting a wound on the Illuminated 1 with a blast. Beckoner 2 tries to lure Misaki twice and fails both times. Then Ronin 1 flurries against Illuminated 3 who had walked into her to try to slow down her marker drops and cuts him to ribbons and pushes farther to the edge of the table. Beckoner 1 tries to lure the Librarian and fails twice (this Librarian...I swear). Ronin 2 charges Illuminated 2 who was on the other side of the Huggy/Taelor/Yami brawl and drops him to 1 wound. At this point Lynch was forced to activate and moves to gain vision on Ronin 2 using Final Dept to deal 4 wounds total. Misaki activates charges Illuminated 1 finishing him off and pushes into Illuminated 2 killing him as well before pushing back into cover with her eyes on Lynch. 


Breakdown: Mistakes were made Taelor! Tsk Tsk Tsk. Other than that thinks went well my Ronin and Misaki were able to cut down the Illuminated before they had even been able to make a single action other than moves. The Beckoners were ineffective this turn as well. And the Librarian showed Taelor how to deal with Hungering Darkness. We both scored on Reckoning this turn putting the score at Misaki 1 and Lynch 3 for Frame for Murder on Hungering Darkness


Turn 4: Misaki wins Initiative (burned a SS leaving her with 1 left)


Freikorp Librarian discards oathkeeper walks up into range and line of sight to lynch and clears her throat before popping another furious casting dealing 5 damage total. Lynch runs back from the incoming Misaki swan dive and attacks Ronin 2 dropping her to Hard To Kill. Misaki moves and does the aforementioned swan dive on top of Lynch and takes him out of commission.  Beckoner 1 uses two Despicable Promises against Misaki failing both. Ronin 2 attacks Beckoner 2 leaving her on the verge of death and Beckoner 2 finishes off the heavily woundind Ronin in return then fails against the Librarian. Both the Torkage and the last Ronin drop breakthrough markers. 


Breakdown: This is cleanup after turn 3 swung in my favor thanks to some luck and careful placement. VP stands at 6-3.


Turn 5: Misaki wins Initiative


Misaki Kills Beckoner 1. Beckoner 2 fails to lure Misaki away. Freikorps Librarian moves back to claim Outflank and shoots and kills Beckoner 2. Ronins 1 continues to carve her name on trees in Lynches deployment. 




VP: Misaki 9 - Lynch 3 


All in all we were both pleased with the game. There were a lot of ups and downs for us both and it was a very exciting match. I was really impressed my my Librarian this game and as always Misaki did her job as janitor perfectly. I love Ronin.... 


As a note Lynch avatar didn't show its face this game as the healing flip he got from Desperate Manifest wasn't enough to save him from Misaki. MuHaHaHaHa



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The trick to Illuminated and one of my general policies in malifaux is if you're going to kill something its better to overkill it because one wound left means they still get an activation. Illuminated have armor and can heal themselves as a (0) action so it can be a pain but Ronin ignore armor and have a solid damage track and flurry on top of that so they've been able to reliably take the Illuminated out on multiple occasions for me.  

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Good report, I really enjoyed reading this.  I'd been hoping to see how the Lone Swordsman fared but he died without doing anything.


I completely agree with you about overkill.  If you spend AP to hurt something, spend enough to make sure it is dead unless you have a specific reason not to (e.g. you have Take a Prisoner and want to fake someone out, or you're playing Reckoning and want to 'save' the kill for next turn).  That is one reason to take things with ranged attacks that don't randomise into combat (e.g. some ranged spells, Thunder Archers etc) - it means that you can tidy up the nearly dead without committing too much extra movement.

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That librarian.... Don't be late returning books to her ;)

Two mainly melee armies and you got the alpha so to speak, I though Illuminated were so difficult to kill? Guess not :)

Neato reppo!


Illuminated usually are fairly hard to kill but when you have a model (Ronin) with flurry which is able to bypass armour then Illuminated get eaten alive. Their primary source of durability is Armour, Regen +1 and Brillshaper which is a (0) 1/2/3 Heal, this alongside Terrifying 10 can be pretty annoying. Their defense is fairly average so they rely on self healing to stick around. Ronin however have all they need to brutalize them .

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