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ben th3 bear

Help with some painting

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I didn't know where to put this so I thought I would post in the general one and then if a more obvious one comes along then it can be subsequently moved :)


Quite a while ago I bought proxy models to have a Collodi crew before the Collodi stuff was released. Recently after Malifaux came back to our gaming club I have decided I want to finally paint them so after looking around for ideas I came across the thought of painting them similar to the effect of colours under black light (see below)




However I have no idea how to go about getting colours to look this particular shade is there a paint range anyone can suggest or any similar technique that people may have come across that can help out. I would be most appreciative of  any help given.

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Now that would be something special to see.

Never tried anything like that, but looking at the picture I would suggest you probably need to look at using a technique that goes from dark shade to very intense highlight in just a few steps (look at the blue blocks front middle). You may need to black line all the shaded zones and pick out all the raised section with a very thin pure white.

I also think would also have to incorporate the black background somehow to make the most of the effect, which to be honest i'm struggling to think off how, other than using a diorama type display.

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