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New Video Bat Rep Nicodem vs Dreamer 50ss

David Blank

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tossed up my comment on Yin on the YouTube side, but here's my overall response.


Awesome!  Best one yet.  The camera work was much smoother, and while I still dislike end of turn recaps versus slideshows or elaspsed shows, this one was really easy to follow, mostly because of the detail you were able to recall.




I find it amusing that the game was decided on the Neverborn player missing key Terrifying checks when he was the one that brought all that Terrifying(All) stuff!  Malifauxian Karma right there!


and Nico is tough in Turf War... really tough to deal with.




I also really like the wrap up at the end, the talking points and reflection.  Almost like the aftergame commentary for a sports game, you guys do well and keep it moving and interesting and not just droning on about how cool this was or that was, like many gamer's stories devolve into!


Also, I would advise some more terrain...  especially something in the middle.  While not effecting these two melee forces, I would hate to see Perdita on this board, she'd be unbeatable!


Thanks again, look forward to the next one!

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Good video! Makes me want to go back to my resser roots! 


As a side note blowing up a day dream for +masks on the dreamer really helps pump those alps out. 

Be sure to make some more videos: You both had voices that didn't grate or distract (which is always a plus) and the flow to the video was great. 

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Thank you for the comments everyone.


So quick question.  

Who do you want to see played?

Factions, Masters, who versus who.  We play a lot of different stuff but I tend to stay on the ressur side, but I can play a lot more.


We would like to hear what people would like to see because it might pull me out of my comfort zone.

Which is always good.



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Played a very similar game to this last night. Same deployment, however the strategy was Destroy The Evidence.


Unfortunately it went the other, in favour of the little brat The Dreamer. Managed to get full points for Destroy The Evidence (all credit to Necropunks), but I seemed to run out of steam for the schemes (Line In The Sand, and Plant Explosives).


I think, the main mistake was not summoning Punk Zombies early in the game to deal with Lelu and Lilitu, as well as all the Alps and DayDreams. Summoned 2x The Hanged instead, which proved to be fruitless. 


Also forgetting about Mortimer's "Chatty" and seeing my opponent remove my Scheme Markers for 'Plant Explosives' and 'Line The Sand' - with hindsight, this mistake from my end cost me the game. 


In review though, it does seem that straight up melee zombies supported by Nico and Mortimer is the best way for dealing with The Dreamer and his crew - with Necropunks leaping around chasing schemes.

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Thank you so much for an awsome batrep!

- the pre and post thoughts on the match was something I think all batreps should have, so please just continue doing exactly what you were doing in this video ^^


As to what you guys should play, I would personally love some more Neverborn stuff- I am currently trying to decide between playing Collodi and The Dreamer, so anything that can help me make that decision would of course be awsome for me ^^


Some stuff about Zoraida and Lilith would also be nice, as those two are the ones I am currently playing, and it is always good to see how other people are playing it :)

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I'm with Ikvar. Two of my three Masters are Dreamer and Collodi and I'd really like to see both of them shine. Not sure how Dreamer would work with better fate but hey, that's how it goes.

My other master is Kaeris but unless you proxy a lot, many of her companion models aren't available yet.

Thanks for the show. Better luck next time.

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