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Ideas please on how to get words onto a water tower...

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Hey everyone - some ideas/advice/inspiration please!!!!


So I made a water tower.... and it turned out OK, but what I really wanted to do was make it like the ones in many US towns and have the name of the town painted on the side. In this case, obviously, Malifaux, in the correct font of course. (I was going to do a town sign and then I thought, hey, towns often put it on their water tower, i'll make one of those instead - there's little rhyme or reason to my modelling)


So here's the model....



But what I can't work out is the best way to get the "Welcome to Malifaux" onto it in white paint or similar. I'll be honest, my free-painting sucks so doing it free-hand is probably out.


I thought maybe inkjet decal and then trim it round the planks? Some elaborate way of projecting it on then tracing round that. Or trying to produce a stencil of some sort. Trying to get it through my inkjet printer??? (Joke)


So the question is.... has anyone done anything similar, or can anyone come up with an ingenious tip for doing it?


Any ideas would be massively welcome. Thanks all!

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