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Next model to get


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I thought i would start this to see what every one is after next for there next top 5 models


I am after from the next set of plastic models


Blessed of December (hoping it will be diffrent to the metal one)

Slate Ridge Mauler (The Last one had its arms to close to its body for my liking)

Snow Storm

Silant one (might get 2)


As you can tell these are all for my December crew :)

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1) Nightmare Hungering Darkness/Avatar - Sorry Wyrd, the design on the happy tadpole is just terrible. Another sculpt would be welcome.


2) The LE Pandora Clear Green set - Yeah, I know it was released, but I wasnt paying attention and missed the sale by 15 minutes. Hoping it goes back on sale soon.


3) Lord Chompy Bits - The art for the new version looks closer to the nightmare edition, which is great!


4) Coryphee/Duet - Complete pain to assemble and the arms were nigh impossible to pin


5) Nekima - I swore off buying this after assembling and painting a friend's model. Heavy model, tiny ankle. The horns have snapped off multiple times from being snagged on foam in transport. 

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