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Greetings from Norway


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Hello all. 


I have recently been introduced to the world of Malifaux by a buddy of mine, and we have half a game under our belts so far. (we had 2E rules, but 1,5 cards it turns out, and it was very hard to figure stuff out :P )


I am fairly new to the entire miniature hobby, and have only been playing miniature games for about 2 years. But I got bitten by the bug bad, and I now have 13! different armies and factions spread across 7 different systems. Though most of these are "future projects" due to one insanely good deal for several armies at a local thrift shop :D This has also given me the dubios title of "king of unfinished projects" and a black belt in buy all the things!


When it comes to Malifaux I have the Hamelin starter, and I will have my first proper game tomorrow, so I might lurk a bit in the Outcasts subforum or ask for advice. 

I also love the look of several other starter sets, and will most likely end up with a few more before long...



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Heisann. Holder til i Nord-Troms, uti ingemannsland. Men vi er heldigvis noen stykker som sysler med denne hobbyen her :P (takk og lov for nettbutikker)

Ikke verst! Er i Bergen selv, men er desverre også avhengig av nettbutikker... :-/

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