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So. The kickstarter backers have been sent a pdf, which means it exists. Why not sell it?

Waiting until august for the books is daft...

In part, I suspect it's that Wyrd promised during the funding campaign to deliver the rewards to Kickstarter backers before beginning to sell to the public. Keeping that promise is important, especially since there was a hiccup with their last Kickstarter campaign that resulted in people being able to buy the game before backers were even sent their copies (so I've gathered from reading the Jetpack Unicorn KS page, I wasn't a backer myself).


Also, I suspect that they'll want to have the book for sale to the general public before the pdf, if they'll be selling it at all, because there's a better chance of the book being purchased over being pirated that way. Again, not sure if this is the reason, or even if it's statistically supported, but I could see it as a contributing factor in the decision.

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I agree that the PDF couldn't go on sale really before the physical release, and that there's always the piracy concern. I don't think one existing does (or necessarily should) make it inevitable that it will be sold as well.


I will say though, that I recently went and picked up a physical copy of a game I'm in at the moment because the PDF was a lousy copy. No ability to search the text made it a nightmare, so I went and found a book.

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