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Vinush's Malifaux Obsession


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So, my first purchase for Malifaux was the Body of Evidence crew, which I decided to paint using the washes over grayscale method to give them a deliberately washed out, creepy silent-hill type vibe.


The nurses and zombie chihuahua are complete, 95% complete on both McMourning and the flesh construct and still working on the canine remains and Sebastian.










Also on my painting table to do are Shadows of Redchapel and Latigo Posse.


Comments, etc. most welcome.



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They have a fun look! Muted colours and that certain slight grainyness/dirtyness makes them look very B-movie horror from before the DVD era. And I love the colour choices for the nurses - colourful yet extremely nursey.


Very well said! And I must agree with Math. Really well done on the horror vibe.

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Sorry for the delay in updating.


I've been painting like a madman, and would like to present the following for your viewing pleasure:


Children of December



Yan Lo (without beard as it fell off and went missing so he has a creepy gaping maw absorbing chi)



Soul Porter



Chiaki the niece


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