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Favorite Strategies and Schemes for each master


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Hey guys, just curious on your favorite strategies and schemes for each of the guild masters. For example, I like the following when I am playing my Lady Justice crew:



-Reconnoiter - She does a great job of area denial and taking out targets that are anchoring down one of the quarters

-Reckoning - Though she usually just kills 1 thing a tun, she makes it easier on the rest of the crew so all they have to do is pick off 1 more guy



-Assassinate - Her ability to generally take out a target on the charge makes her good at assassinate against most masters

-Take Prisoner - Though she excels at killing, she can also prevent enemy models from attempting to disengage, making it easy to lock down 1 model and kill everything else around it

-Plant Explosives - Though not necessarily done by her, if you take a death marshal with her, they do an amazingly well at this scheme with finish the job

-Make them suffer - Picking on weak minions and peons off by themselves is a piece of cake for Lady J


How do you use your masters, and how do you pick which you want for any given Strategy or Scheme pool? Let me know!


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Douglas McMourning (He's a guildie now!)


Strats: Turf War/Squatter's Rights

He's good at keeping himself and others on the board, so turfwar can be good. With a little bit of support or some other killy type models, (re: Frank) he can get pretty murderey. His ability to hand out (1) interacts, the nurse's ability to give out more walk speeds makes SqR a little easier-


Schemes: Scheme Marker Type: (Plant Evidence/Plant Explosives/Plant Line in the Sand/Plant Protect territory/Spring the Trap) or Interact Type (Distract, Cursed Object)

     THE SCHEME KING. If it needs to be a scheme marker or a 1 interact, this is your guy.


Injection: If you need a scheme marker next to a dude, this is the one you want. It's a 0 so no scalpel slinging, but there's some good tricks here. Use it on a Watcher with "Uppers" from a nurse, and he's pushing 8" before he drops that scheme at the feet of some activated cluster. Since it says place a scheme marker, not take an interact, you can do it withing 4" of another scheme marker. This makes protect territory really great, 'cause you can push a model that's just placed a scheme marker 2" and place another to get full credit for announced with one model. It does give them poison, so use it on models you're ready to heal or die. No embalmed folks coming over from the ressurs to make that go away. :P


"In the Name of the... I love sayin' that": This is more for things like distract and cursed object- it lets you make a model take an interact action outside their turn. If you've got a model that was just engaged, then use doug to drop distract on them from afar. You can also use nurses to use "take your meds" on models that are distracted or cursed to keep them from clearing it off them- Guaranteeing the points. 



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I also think about which Master is vulnerable to certain schemes.


For example, if Make Them Suffer is on the list, I play no classic Ortega lists. Too many Enforcers. Or if Deliver a Message is on, I tend to avoid Lady Justice. I tend to avoid Sonnia if Assassinate is on (she is good at it, but she doesn't survive many games).

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C. Hoffman


Strats: Turf War, Reckoning

You want an elite list full of things that don't want to die? Hoffman. Want a bunch of models that are all armored and have a good stat but could get better if they shared? Hoffman. You wanna march up to the middle of the board, start laying tokens that'll either heal or hurt depending on the day? Hoffman. This man is a walking tank, and his ability to optimize his crew's stats is thoroughly amazing. Played him twice in a tournament recently: against marcus- didn't lose a single model. Played him against Shen Long, lost a hunter- because I had chosen him for frame for murder, and was making him a nuisance. 



Schemes: Body Guard, Frame For Murder, Break through, 

Body guard: Put it on a model with some armor, give him more armor, and shakedown improvised repair any turn he needs it. with 2-3 armor around you, you've got a tank to pull you around, and keep buffed up- bring a guardian as well and he can attempt to pass out +2 defensive. Pretty solid.


FFM: You put it on a watcher or a hunter or something that's gonna go out fast an attract a lot of attention. Preferably something they have to deal with before they can advance. Watchers are good for bluffing things like breakthrough or arcane ritual, hunters are good for trying to engage masters, and pulling them out of position without screaming, "Zomg, kill me kill me! Lolz"


Breakthrough: Take a couple watchers. Give one of them the Nimble upgrade, the other one the interact action upgrad, and you've got two models that can potentially move twice and drop one scheme marker, or drop two scheme markers and move once in between. If even one of those is able to get to the backfield, you've got breakthrough, or power ritual in spades.


His killiness at range is a little subpar, even with Ryle, so you might consider some non-constructs in the list if you're affraid of being shot to death. Your biggest weakness is armor piercing stuff (Viks with Sezhul specifically).

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