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Iron Quill- The Hunt Results!


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Hey everyone, what a great round! Loving seeing the stories every round, and seeing the wide array of talents and creativity that are here in the Writing Room. It's always great to see people continuing to write, or starting to write! To those of you who have told me that this has been getting you back into writing or helping you keep on with writing, I just want to say thanks. The goal of the Quill from the beginning has been to let people have a safe, structured place to try new ideas, new techniques, to learn and to mentor. So, it's very exciting to see that happening!


Okay, with that bit of sentimentality out of the way, here's the results for this round!


Second Runner Up is The Grue, with the story Do Not Ask, Lest Ye Be Answered.


First Runner Up is Brewmaster, with the story The A.E.O.N Society.


And in 1st place, we have StormlordXIII, with the story Incendium!



Congrats guys, on some great story telling! And to everyone who entered, congrats for pulling off the challenge!


The next round will begin April 7th, 2014! Hope to see you all back. :)

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